Meet Our Faculty

Science adjunct faculty Robert Locke is passionate about teaching science that he's proven through his unfaltering dedication to Triton College for the last 41 years. Locke holds an unprecedented record at the college, teaching future veterinarians, neurosurgeons, dentists and more through his traditional style of teaching.

Locke works at developing a curriculum that engages students with hands-on opportunities because he wants to see his students succeed. But, he reminds them, they have to do the work. "There's a lot of material in my class to learn," he said. "But I motivate them and help them learn it, giving them every chance to succeed."

While retirement is nigh for the Triton instructor who owns his own testing laboratories, teaching Triton's students, he said, will remain part of his life. "Every student is unique and they never cease to amaze me in the classroom," he said. "Teaching them is a thrill for me."