IGEN’s Electric Vehicle Road Trip comes to the Triton College campus

News Release


An electric vehicle will be driving onto the Triton College campus to make a special stop at the college’s installed electric car charging stations during the Illinois Green Economy Network’s (IGEN) Electric Vehicle Road Trip, from June 23-25.

The statewide road trip is meant to demonstrate progress of the Illinois community colleges to strengthen electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure (the “IL Community College EV Highway”), promote further deployment of EV technology infrastructure, and to raise awareness about EV Technology as well as the environmental issues that necessitate a move to a more sustainable transportation infrastructure.

The road trip will begin at the southernmost “charged” Illinois community college and proceed north over the course of three days with a crew of 2-4 people that will rotate in and out of the car at strategic stops along the route. The vehicle, driven by community college sustainability professionals, students and/or IGEN staff, will make stops at 12 Illinois community colleges with an EV charge station to charge up and create opportunity to hold informational workshops and/or test drives at each participating college.

The electric car is expected to make its stop on the Triton College campus at 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25, located near the Robert M. Collins Center. Information on the benefits of an electric vehicle will be presented, and an electric vehicle from Green Wheels USA will be available for adults to test drive. Community members are welcome to attend this free event. Refreshments will be served.

The event will be videotaped, and people interested in following along with the road trip are encouraged to visit the IGEN Facebook and Twitter pages to track their progress as they publish periodic updates about their journey.

The effort is being supported by Chargepoint, Nissan, and the Illinois Governor’s Office. Gov. Pat Quinn touts Illinois’ leadership in the electric vehicle arena. “In the Midwest, Illinois is leading the charge for electric vehicle infrastructure. The State of Illinois has an estimated 4,928 registered plug-in cars and 450 public and private charging stations, including the densest network of fast charging stations in the United States. Our goal is to be home to the largest network of fast chargers in the nation. As our state and nation face rising gas prices, Illinois consumers are ready to embrace this common-sense, clean energy transportation option.”

To learn more about the Illinois Green Economy Network, visit the IGEN website at www.igencc.org.


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IGEN is a consortium of all 39 Illinois community college districts across the state working to grow the green economy of Illinois. Its mission is to provide a platform for collaboration among all Illinois community colleges and their partners to drive growth of the green economy. IGEN’s unique statewide cooperative approach leverages the power of a sustainability network with the deep community connections of individual colleges to expand deployment of clean energy technologies, increase employment opportunities, improve environmental and human health, foster community engagement, and accelerate market competitiveness.