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Music Business Certificate

BUS E65 - Music Business Fundamentals & Strategic Management
Course Description: This program provides instruction for aspiring artists, business entrepreneurs, music producers, and promoters seeking to be successful in the music business. The curriculum investigates a variety of components of the music industry and explores different career options including self-employment and helps develop fundamental business skills. Topics include management, independent marketing and promotions, production, contracts and negotiating skills. Discussion, reading and class projects will be assigned.

Get Inside the Music Industry

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The Triton College School of Continuing Education offers classes providing students with an insider look at the music industry.

If you are an aspiring artist, business entrepreneur, music producer, promoter, or label owner and you have the desire to learn the ropes to this very prosperous industry, this is the program for you!

The 45-hour Music Business Industry Overview and Advanced Certificate (BUS E65) is where to start. This program provides you with a look at the many different facets of the industry and will lead you in the direction to start conquering your dreams.

Topics Include:
   • Industry Landscape
   • Setting Up Your Business
   • Team Building
   • Networking
   • Artist Development
   • Production
   • Marketing

Students who successfully complete the Music Business Certificate course will be awarded the Certificate in Music Business by the Triton College School of Continuing Education.

Certificate FAQs

I have already taken business classes. Why should I enroll in the Music Business Program?
The music industry is quite separate from business in general. Your previous classes will benefit you as you learn more specifically what skills are needed to fully develop yourself and put yourself in a better position for success.

I don't play an instrument but I love music and I am fascinated by the music business. Is this a good fit for me?
If you are fascinated already, imagine how inspired you will be after learning key strategies and tips on how to truly navigate within the industry. You may find a niche for yourself that you never considered before such as management or promotions.

Will I be guaranteed an internship and/or job placement upon completion?
There is no internship component for this course.

I am a singer/songwriter or solo artist. Is this Music Business Program right for me?
The Music Business Program will absolutely give you the information you need to become independent and therefore be a better representative of your own talents.

What materials are needed or used for class?
You will be given handouts and sample documents pertaining to the areas of study. No books need to be purchased.

I am more into production. How can this Music Business Program help me?
The initial Music Business Program will help you better perfect your presence as a producer in the market. Tips for setting up a home studio plus ideas on making brochures and defining rates are just part of what you will learn.

I am not sure what direction I want to take in the music industry. How will the Music Business Program help me find my career path?
The main objective of the Music Business Program is to offer you an understanding of the many different career choices you do have in the industry. The class is structured to help you find the best match for your talents and passions, and helps cultivate the skills that you need to pursue your current and/or new goals.

Is this Music Business Program graded?
No, as it is part of Continuing Education. However class projects will be assessed for certificate issuance.

What do I need to bring to class?
Be prepared to take a lot of notes. You will receive various handouts and you will need to keep them organized and have them with you during the term. Laptops are allowed if kept muted. Any materials that may help define yourself as an “entity” are welcome to be shared, i.e.: business cards, demos, marketing plans, business contracts, etc.

What if I know someone who might want to take the class?
The instructor allows for one-hour visits for anyone considering registering. Visits have to be scheduled by the instructor and designated start and end times will be strictly enforced.

About the instructor:
Jacquelyn Weiner-O’Shea
(JWO) is currently President of One Way Music Inc., an indie hip hop label in Chicago as well as a music business consultant. She was with Music Industry Workshop as the lead instructor for their Music Business Program. In that position she was the primary instructor and assisted the owner with the development of the curriculum and materials. Jacqui has also been a guest instructor at Columbia College and was a contracted partner with the online industry service Neon Muse. She has spent over two decades involved with artist and show management within Entertainment Management Group’s Chicago office, which is family-owned. This mix of executive business savvy and industry networking allows her to maintain close relationships with many executives and personnel within the industry.

For more information call and to register (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3500.