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Chargeback, Joint Agreements and In-District Workers

Chargebacks and Joint Agreements
Residents in an Illinois community college district may qualify for Chargeback or Joint Agreement programs. The Chargeback and Joint Agreement programs allow students to attend another Illinois public community college if their in-district community college does not offer their desired program of study. If a Joint Agreement is in place with another college, a Chargeback would not be approved.

Students residing in Triton’s district wishing to complete a Chargeback or Joint Agreement program must complete the following steps:
Complete the Chargeback/Joint Agreement application. This can be found by selecting the link below or picking up a paper application at the Chargeback department, located in the Admissions and Records office in building B-216E.
Provide a valid photo ID showing proof that the student resides at an in-district address.
Provide a copy of the program curriculum that the student wishes to pursue (only applicable to first-time Chargeback applicants).
4. Once approved, provide the college that you will be attending a copy of the approval letter. This letter will deem the student responsible for paying the in-district tuition rate at the college of attendance.

The Chargeback application is required to be filed at least 30 days before the start of the semester. Joint Agreement applications must be filed at least 3 days before the start of the semester. If these requirement are not met, Triton College will not approve the student for that semester; however, the student may apply for a later semester.

Please note: The adjusted tuition rate only applies to courses underlined in the approved community college’s catalog for the student’s program. If students stray from their approved program courses or change their program, they will be billed the out-of-district rate of tuition for those courses. Triton College will audit each billing of Chargeback received.

Students residing outside of Triton College’s district should begin the Chargeback or Joint Agreement application process at their in-district college.

In-District Workers
A student who resides outside of the Triton College district, but is employed by a company or organization within the district, will be entitled to in-district tuition rates if the following conditions are met:
The student and an authorized agent of the company must complete the In-District Worker Form, verifying that the student is employed at least 35 hours per week. This form can be found below or in the Chargeback department of the Admissions and Records office, located in Room B-216E, and must be submitted prior to the start of the semester.
The student must submit a recent pay stub indicating that he/she is employed at least 35 hours per week by a company or organization within the district or provide other means of employment verification.
A new In-District Worker Form must be submitted each semester, prior to the start of classes, to confirm eligibility.
All documents submitted by the student are subject to verification by the college.

For more information about these programs, please follow the links below:
   Chargeback and Joint Agreement FAQs
   Chargeback/Joint Agreement Application
   In-District Worker Form
   Joint Agreement Programs    


Important Dates (2016-17 Academic Year)  

July 22 – Fall 2016 Chargeback applications due

August 19 – Fall 2016 Joint Agreement applications due

August 22 – Credit and GED/ESL classes begin

August 22-26 – Schedule adjustment (add/drop period)

August 26 – Fall 2016 In-District Worker applications due

September 5 – Spring 2017 Chargeback, Joint Agreement, and In-District Worker applications will begin to be accepted and reviewed

November 1 – Spring 2017 advanced registration begins

December 21 – Spring 2017 Chargeback applications due

January 20, 2017 – Spring 2017 Joint Agreement applications due

January 23 – Credit and GED/ESL classes begin 

January 23-27 – Schedule adjustment (add/drop period)

January 27 – Spring 2017 In-District Worker applications due

February 6 – Summer 2017 Chargeback, Joint Agreement, and In-District Worker applications will begin to be accepted and reviewed

February 20 – Summer 2017 registration begins

April 28 – Summer 2017 Chargeback applications due

May 26 – Summer 2017 Joint Agreement applications due

May 30 – Credit  classes begin

May 30-31 – Schedule adjustment (add/drop period)

June 1 – Summer 2017 In-District Worker applications due


For additional information please contact:
Julie Clemment B216-E
Phone: (708) 456-0300 x3726
Fax: (708) 583-3147 Attn: Chargeback