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Chargeback, Joint Agreements and Company Contracts

Residents residing in an Illinois community college district may qualify for Chargeback or Joint Agreement programs. The Chargeback and Joint Agreement programs allow students to attend another Illinois public community college if their in-district community college does not offer their desired program of study. The student must first start at the Illinois community college listed as their district school for their eligibility for these programs.

The Chargeback/Joint Agreement application is required to be filed at least 30 days before the start of the semester. If this requirement is not met, Triton College will not approve the student for that semester. The student may apply for another semester. If the application is approved, the student will receive a letter in which it must be brought to the community college s/he is attending. This letter will deem the student responsible for paying the in-district tuition rate at the college of attendance.

Please note: The in-district rate only applies to courses underlined in the approved community college’s catalog for the student’s program. If the student strays from program listed courses or changes their program, s/he will be billed the out-of-district rate of tuition for those courses.

For more information about Chargeback and Joint Agreement, please follow the links:
   Chargeback and Joint Agreement FAQs
   Chargeback/Joint Agreement Application
   In-District Worker Form (formerly - Company Chargeback Form)
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Compliance Guidelines
Triton College will audit each billing of Chargeback received. If any courses are charged to Triton College that are not part of the student’s program, these courses will not be honored. This will cause the student to be responsible for out-of-district tuition.

For additional information please contact:
Geoffrey Glowacki
Chargeback Specialist
Chargeback Office B216-E
(708) 456-0300 x3726