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The Academic Success Center (ASC) at Triton College provides FREE individual and group tutoring, mentoring and learning communities as well as ongoing academic review workshops. Academic support initiatives include specialized components to assist all types of learning styles: visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. Services at the ASC also include: interactive learning models, group study sessions and specialized academic workshop sessions for writing, math and CTE courses.

Our goal is to help you succeed in your education at Triton. Students, stop by for a visit. Faculty, bring your classes for a tour of the Academic Success Center.



Tutoring Areas

Careers Area (A-106I) offers tutoring in accounting, economics, hospitality, nursing, technical mathematics, advanced technology (Computer Science) and other areas.

Math Zone (A-112) for students who need help with any sort of math problem in biology, chemistry, nursing, math, physics, engineering and other subject areas requiring math. No appointment needed. Students can register at the front desk and sit at the Math Zone.

Science Area (A-106A) for students who need help in chemistry, physics and biology. The Science area keeps anatomy and physiology learning models, organic chemistry model kit, zoology classification, DNA model, charts and other related hands-on learning.

Writing Zone (A-314) for students who need to work on a paper, improve their English skills in ESL conversation table, write a lab report and other areas requiring writing, reading and speaking. The Writing Zone has computers equipped with writing and reading software. Students can use the space to complete their assignments. 

Additional Resources

View subjects Math and Science tutors at the ASC can help here: Tutoring Subjects. Workshops and group sessions are offered at Triton, view upcoming schedule here: ASC Workshops. Remote tutoring services are available through an external vendor BrainFuse. For more information view Contact Us page.