Get involved!!!

The Office of Student Life makes it easy for you to use and grow your talents through student activities. Getting involved on campus helps you build career and personal skills that will help you long after you leave college. You'll meet new people, share ideas and learn more about yourself. Whether you attend programs, plan events or become president of a club or organization, we can help you get connected to your college. From your first semester to your last, you can rely on us to provide support, resources, ideas and training.

College is the time to not only study, but to learn about who you are. Joining a student organization gives you an opportunity to go beyond the classroom and express yourself. Emerge as a leader. Become a decision-maker. Learn about yourself and others. Further your education. Develop new interests. Form relationships that will impact your life. But most of all, college is about having fun. Involvement is not by chance, it is by choice.

How do I get involved in a student organization?
It is easier than you think:
   • Ask about our clubs at the Office of Student Life, Student Center, Building B, Room B-240
   • Check the bulletin boards around campus for information about club meetings and times!
   • Follow up with the clubs and organizations that you have chosen

Students at Triton College are encouraged to join existing clubs and organizations and we offer the opportunity for you to create new ones according to your common interest.

Can I Start a New Club?
Of course! Starting a club is an easy process. There are a few steps involved, in forming a new club or organization, all you need is:
   • Completion of the Recognition Packet and Recruitment of 10 members that are interested in joining your club
   • Find an advisor! Any faculty, staff, or administrator member of Triton College can serve as your club advisor
   • Submit a constitution that states the purpose, guidelines, and policies of your club or organization

At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, Recognition Packets will be available in the Office of Student Life. Each packet contains a membership list, registration form, sample constitution and directions for completion. Assistance in completing the required paperwork can be obtained from the Office of Student life staff.

*Please refer to How to Start a Club or Organization for further information.

What are some big events that happen each year on campus?
Triton’s signature events include Student Appreciation Week, Corn Roast, Student Success Fest, Welcome Back Week, as well as many other special events sponsored by student groups or departments.

What clubs/organizations are there? Check out the listing in the Clubs and Organizations brochure, or view the online Clubs and Organizations Directory. There are more than 25 clubs & organizations on campus—almost everything to fit any need!

Get How your time breaks down:
Of 168 hours per week, you spend approximately:
•    • 15 in class
•    • 30 studying (2 hours/class)
•    • 56 sleeping (8 hours/night)
•    • 21 at meals (1 hour/meal)
•    • 15 working part-time

There are 31 hours left over...

What are you doing with your remaining 31 hours?

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