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Hospitality Industry Administration

The hospitality industry is the number 2 employer in the United States and career opportunities are forecasted for continued growth.

Recognized throughout the industry, Triton's Hospitality Industry Administration (HIA) program is the premiere training and learning institution for persons seeking employment in the following fields; culinary arts, baking and pastry, restaurant, and hotel management.

Students gain "real-world" experience in Triton's student managed and operated dining room and retail bake shop. Not only do they learn the basic techniques of food preparation and service, but also the fundamentals of daily operations within dining and eating establishments.

Students choosing Triton’s Hospitality Industry Administration Program can select from concentrations in Culinary Arts, Hotel/Motel Management and Restaurant Management. The program offers certificate and degree options in the following areas:

 Hospitality Industry Administration - Baking and Pastry Degree (Associates in Applied Science - C206M)
 Hospitality Industry Administration - Culinary Arts Degree (Associates in Applied Science - C206L)
 Hospitality Industry Administration - Hotel/Motel Management Degree (Associates in Applied Science - C206H)
 Hospitality Industry Administration - Restaurant Management Degree (Associates in Applied Science - C206F)
 Baking and Pastry Certificate - C206M
 Beverage Management Certificate - C306J
 Bread Baking Certificate - C406N
 Cake Decoration Certificate - C406M
 Culinary Training Certificate - C420A
 Hospitality Industry Administration Hotel/Motel Certificate - C406F
 Hospitality Industry Administration - Restaurant Management Certificate - C306C
 Hospitality Industry Administration Courses  
Chef Denise Smith-Gaborit
Program Coordinator
  Office: B-226
  (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3624