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    Independent Building Contractor Department

    Designed to provide the basic and advance skills and knowledge to go into business as an independent building contractor. The degree also is a gateway to a variety of applied careers in the construction and remodeling industries. Students will receive hands-on training in trades like carpentry, plumbing, and interior finishing, as well as obtain the financial and business knowledge to become a small business owner. Students will learn the state codes, laws, regulations and safety requirements for these activities. In addition to the possibility of developing a small business as an independent building contractor, graduates could enter an apprentice training program in a trade or work as a facility maintenance technician in residential and small commercial buildings.

    Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to:
       • Read and understand blueprint drawings
       • Follow all building codes and safety procedures
       • Demonstrate proper plumbing techniques
       • Learn and apply state codes, laws, regulation and proper use of safety tools
       • Understand and use sustainable building products
       • Demonstrate proper construction techniques
       • Demonstrate proper interior wall preparation
       • Estimate small construction projects
       • Understand the financial and human resources need to own a business

       • Independent Building Contractor Degree (Associate in Applied Science - C235A)

       • Independent Building Contractor Courses

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    Please contact Michael Tweed, Architecture Department Coordinator, at 708-456-0300 Ex. 3129 or email michaeltweed@triton.edu for questions on Triton College Architecture degrees and certificates.

    Frances Figg
    Department Coordinator
    Office: G-304A
    (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3129