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    Loster Family
      Loster Family  

    "Triton's an A+ in Our Book"

    William W. Loster attended Triton College in the 1980s, pursuing a degree as an electrical engineer. After graduating, he became an employee at Chicago-based M&M Mars Candy Company, from which he recently retired. Loster chose Triton because it was close to home and affordable, and allowed him to assemble a class schedule that meshed with his job and precious family time. Loster says he would definitely recommend Triton to individuals interested in furthering their education and has done so for several family members.

    Heather Loster, wife of Loster's son William Jr., started at Triton in fall 2010. Prior to enrolling, she had lost her job and was struggling to find employment. Due to her passion for learning, William Jr. suggested she return to school and earn a degree in a field she enjoys. Heather chose liberal arts and music, and in the future plans on altering her career path by transitioning into Triton’s Nuclear Medicine program.

    William Jr., also a Triton student, is currently studying architecture and has been enrolled in the program since fall of 2012. Due to losing his employment, he chose Triton because of his father's recommendation and his wife's class schedule. William Jr. wants to show his children that a person is never too old to return to school and work for a degree, especially in a field for which you have strong emotions. Soon after obtaining his required credits, William Jr. plans on transferring to the Illinois Institute of Technology.

    Heather and William Jr.'s children have become a part of the Triton family as well. Since fall of 2013, Will and Lillian Loster have been enrolled in Triton's Child Development Center Lab School. Four-year-old Will is in Triton's Preschool Program, and Lillian, who is 2, is a student in the Toddler Program. This spring, little sister, Trinity, plans on joining Lillian in the Toddler Program.

    The Losters all agree the college's knowledgeable, friendly staff, easy access, affordability and flexible class schedule have played a huge part in helping them achieve their academic success. Grateful for their relationship with Triton, the Losters concur – Triton College is an A+ in the Losters' book!

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