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    Pete DiCianni


    Mayor of Elmhurst, President of DiCianni Graphics, charitable and philanthropic activist.

    Married with three children, Attended Triton from 1984-1986.

    Taking a “mom and pop” business from $100,000 in sales to $1,300,000 in sales. Winning the mayoral race in Elmhurst. Director of ECAF, an organization that provides financial assistance to families of children who are diagnosed with medical problems and last but certainly not least, getting Brianna’s Law passed, a bill that allows families with autistic children to get and keep medical insurance regardless of when a child has been diagnosed with autism.

    What would you describe as your strong suit?
    Determination, leadership, building consensus, bringing people together, being passionate for people.

    What have been some obstacles you've had to overcome in pursuit of your educational and career goals?
    When campaigning for the mayoral spot, I quickly realized that there were many political divisions and old school politics involved in running a campaign. I didn’t have the traditional legal background that most people have when running for mayor and I had no political support from the political power houses. I ran my campaign door to door with a lot of support and assistance from passionate folks. They knew that if I was elected, I would step up when times got tough and I would take care of seniors and kids.

    What has served as a source of inspiration both in your career and in your life?
    I have a genuine love for people, love for the town and I know that I have the ability to make an impact. Knowing that I have the ability to advocate for a lot of different causes on behalf of a variety of people makes me feel that I can truly make a positive difference.

    How has Triton College impacted your life?
    When I attended Triton, I was working in my father’s print shop and attending Triton. I chose Triton because I wanted a good business and technical school. Triton had both. Triton had the best graphic arts program and was the only college to have a Heidelberg press. With that in mind, I started on my journey and obtained an Associate’s degree in accounting from Triton. Upon receipt of my Associate’s degree, I transferred to Elmhurst College where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management.

    The professors at Triton were second to none and the flexible class schedules allowed me to work and attend college. I learned graphics and print and was able to bring my business from a company that had $100,000 in sales to a company that now has $1,300,000 in sales.

    While at Triton I was able to get involved in campus life and make a lot of good friends. I met my wife at Triton who also has a very successful career in nursing and attributes much of her success to the Triton education received

    What advice would you give to someone who would like to pursue a career in your field?
    There is no traditional mold or prerequisite. With a lot of dedication and hard work you can become whatever you would like in life. It’s not where you get your degree or what kind of degree you hold, it’s what you do with that degree. Don’t let your family history or obstacles you’ve faced get in the way of accomplishing your goals. My family immigrated from Italy and had NO money. I figured out a way to make it happen for me as well as for others.

    What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Spend time with my family and kids. I enjoy riding my bike, coaching baseball and supporting children’s theatrical efforts.

    What are your plans for the future?
    Get through the financial hurdles of the city, give kids what they need through education, keep revenue coming in for schools, continue to advocate for causes that affect children and families.

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