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    Peter Wozniczka

    Peter Wozniczka has always had a love for drawing and in high school developed an interest in drafting. After looking into several colleges, Peter decided to attend Triton College because of its strong reputation for engineering and drafting courses.

    Peter credits his former engineering instructor, Pete Fricano, with his first full time job in the engineering field. Mr. Fricano maintained relationships with many of the local businesses and would often recommend students for employment. In 1992 when Elkay Manufacturing Co. had job openings, Mr. Fricano was eager to help Peter gain full time employment as a drafter. Sixteen years later, Peter remains employed with the company. Peter has held various positions in his time with Elkay Manufacturing Co. including designer and project manager. Most recently, Peter was promoted to serve as the R&D and Product Engineering Manager where he is responsible for researching customer needs, concept design, and product implementation.

    Elkay Manufacturing Co. has provided Peter with the benefit of working full time while receiving tuition assistance. Since graduating from Triton College in 1996, Peter has pursued his bachelor’s degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and is currently working towards his master’s degree at Northwestern University.

    Peter believes that Triton College provided an excellent foundation for him to grow as a valuable employee within the engineering field. Peter encourages students, “to learn to be flexible and eager to take job opportunities when they come your way.” Looking back on his career and educational path, Peter believes that Triton College was the perfect place for him to start his career and credits the institution for building a strong foundation for him to build upon.

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