Shining Moment 2020 Messages

Read Triton College shining moments of 2020 messages!

Laura Wagner / PDC - When the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) needed a hand due to a vacancy in the department, Laura jumped in to help. The work is challenging and new to Laura and she is working extraordinarily hard to ensure that she supports CTE to the extent possible. This means an erratic schedule, working with new technology, and jumping back and forth between the laptop and desktop systems. She's done all this while assuring that I have what I need in the PDC and she does it all with a "can-do" attitude. Thank you, Laura. Well done. - Susan Rohde

Adelina Rodriguez (Custodial) - Adelina always greets people with a smile and offers a helpful hand. Her warm welcome is beyond appreciated and a great way to start the day. I have greatly enjoyed our conversations and her encouragement, and patience, as I work on my Spanish. She is a gem of an employee! Thank you, Adelina, for all that you do! - Jessica Rubalcaba

Mohammed Ahmed/Bursars Department (Cashier Manager) - Thank you Mohammed for your incredible support and excellent guidance through the difficult time of managing all of the department responsibilities while trying to navigate through Covid! - Tami Grabinski

Sam Tolia - Sam, thank you for the amazing work you and your amazing staff put out for the campus and departments during the challenging time of 2020! - C. Hutchinson


Dean Belkis Torres-Capeles - Because of Dean Torres-Capeles's efforts and that of the SCE department in 2020, relevant and timely programs such as Contact Tracer, Infectious Disease, and Cannabis Programs were made available to the Triton students and community through SCE offerings for Spring 2021. - C. Hutchinson

Operations & Maintenance Department - Thank you to the entire O&M team for their work preparing for staff to return to campus and continuing to keep our workspaces clean. I am particularly grateful to Miguel and Adelina for their work in the library--we appreciate you! - Lauren Kosrow

Humberto Espino - Thank you for all that you do with answering questions regarding BB in such a timely fashion. Thank you for always doing your job with a smile, thank you for helping to make my job easier by making a "mother & a child class". Thank you for making my first online experience a success for my students and myself. - Sandra Bowling

Mike Garrity - 2020 brought heaps of new technical challenges, and Mike (and his staff) did an amazing job of helping the college shift to remote work, and enabled many of us to do our jobs and continue to be productive and supportive of our students! - Anonymous