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Summer 2021 starts July 19, 2021.

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Infectious Diseases: Communication and Technology

Public health case investigation and controlling the spread infectious diseases require adequate language skills, knowledge of data collection management, and current technologies. Public health case investigators need to conduct conversation-based investigations, obtain contact information, access and manage healthcare data, and understand the technology used for supporting investigations of those infected. This course will focus on developing effective communication skills through verbal and written strategies, help students to identify current technologies used for controlling the spread of infectious disease, review needed terminology and discuss and resolve controversies. Identify data collection strategies and management such as Customer Relations Managements (CRM), Google Forms and related data spreadsheets will be reviewed.

Learning objectives:

  • Students will develop empathetic, accurate, and effective verbal and written communication skills in efforts to controlling the spread of infectious disease
  • Students will understand technology protocols, processes, and data management procedures for supporting public health infectious disease control

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