Ethnic, Racial and Health Disparities

Summer 2021 starts June 29, 2021.

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Infectious Diseases: Ethnic, Racial and Health Disparities

Balancing and coming to conclusions about the rights of people, communities, and governments with regard to protecting and maintaining health is, in many ways, the complex core of all public health work. How are disparities in healthcare identified and how are inequities managed as they relate to controlling the spread of infectious disease? How did we get here and what resources are available for individuals, communities and populations facing health disparities and inequities? Successful case investigation and contact tracing are dependent on a robust and well-trained public health workforce that has knowledge of racial and ethnic disparities and approaches the control of the spread of infectious disease in an ethical manner. This course will use a problem-based learning approach as students explore and critically examine possible scenarios for solving public health disparities.

Learning objectives:

  • Students will understand the role of ethics in public health work by identifying ethical challenges/moral conflicts
  • Students will be able to make informed decisions and suggest solutions for balancing inequities in healthcare efforts and for controlling the spread of infectious diseases

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