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Get on the fast track to earning college credit while still in high school with our Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Programs. This option offers an awesome way to jumpstart a college education, while saving money.

Dual Credit Department
Triton College
2000 Fifth Avenue, Room F-210
River Grove, IL 60171
(708) 456-0300, Ext. 3612 or 3382

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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News, Announcements and Events

7/27/2020 - Important update! Since the release of the Triton Campus Dual Credit Schedule for Fall 2020, many classes have transitioned to an online or hybrid learning format and schedule. Please click here for an updated schedule of dual credit courses being offered through Triton College this Fall!

7/16/20 - Come join us for a  Virtual New Dual Credit Student Orientation  session on July 23rd or August 14th at 3pm. These sessions are intended to supplement the Dual Credit Orientation Guide and provide additional tutorials on your Triton Student Email, Portal, and Blackboard accounts.

7/16/20 - The Basic Nurse Assistant Program has announced their Virtual Info Session dates and times for the upcoming semester. Students enrolling in NAS 100/101 are highly encouraged to attend one of these sessions as important programatic expectations and requirements will be covered.

6/4/20 - The Fall 2020 Schedule of Dual Credit Courses offered on Triton's Campus has been released! Please follow the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 High School Campus and Triton Campus registration guides for program requirements and next steps to enrollment. Put a cap on the cost of college with Triton College Dual Credit!

6/2/20 - Looking for some fast facts on early college credit opportunities through Triton College? Please refer to our updated brochure for a program overview, FAQs, and steps to enrollment!


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So What is the Dual Credit Program?

Dual Credit gives students the opportunity to earn both college and high school credit for specific classes taken at Triton College or their high school.

Dual Credit at the High School:
The college and high school work together to align curriculum at the high school to meet the learning objectives, content, and standards of a Triton College credited course. The dual credit course is taught by high school faculty who are qualified to teach at both the high school and college level and enrollment is open to academically talented high school students. Students receive a grade and credit on both their high school and Triton College transcript upon completing the course successfully. Earn a credit, get a college credit free! Speak to your high school counselor for more information.

Dual Credit at Triton College:
High school students can also earn both college and high school credit by taking certain approved courses on Triton’s campus! Each Fall and Spring term a schedule of dual credit courses will be provided to the participating high schools. Students can meet with their counselor to discuss options and qualification requirements before registering with the Dual Credit Department. After the course is completed successfully, Triton and your high school will both award you a grade and credit! 

Getting In
Speak to your high school counselor to find out what Dual Credit courses are offered at your high school. Signing up for Dual Credit classes has its perks and benefits:

  • Transferable college credit earned from an accredited institution
  • Reduction in the number of college classes taken after high school graduation
  • Money saved - earn college credit at Triton College for free when taking Dual Credit classes in the high school classrooms.


Dual Credit Online Application Guide

See FAQs for list of participating High Schools.

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Student and Parent Information

Prospective Students

Is the Triton College Dual Credit Program the right fit for your child? To succeed in this program, your child should have excellent study skills, self-discipline, and motivation. They’ll also need the maturity and initiative to attend class and participate at the same level as regular college students.

So what are the benefits? Your student will:

  • Experience what college is like, which can help make the transition from high school to college easier as well as provide information for future educational decisions
  • Partake in a college atmosphere that may help your child excel in learning

Please remember to talk to your student’s high school teachers and counselors about whether dual credit is a good match for your son or daughter. Remember that as a dual credit student, your son or daughter is considered a college student and must accept responsibility for his or her education as the academic outcomes will be a part of their official college record and transcript. It is important to consider the maturity level of your student; some students who may be academically ready, may be overwhelmed by the independence and the rate of college classes.

Consider this…

How do I qualify for the program?



Student Success and Support

Extracurricular Activities

College Expectations

Current Students

Welcome to Triton College! We are excited that you've chosen to get a "jump-start" on your higher education & careers goals by enrolling in our early college credit program. This section contains some helpful information and resources for first-time students, returning students, and graduating high school seniors with Dual Credit coursework.

I just completed my dual credit registration steps and have been issued my class schedule. What do I need to know from here?

How do I access my Triton student account? How do I gain access to my online course?

So how can I transfer my college credits from the Dual Credit Program once I complete high school?

I’m graduating high school with dual credits and want to continue-on to complete one of the 150+ degrees or certificates Triton has to offer. How do I transition to becoming a traditional Triton College Student?

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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started with Dual Credit

When can I start participating in Dual Credit with Triton?

How can I tell if Dual Credit is the right choice for me?

How do I begin the process of enrolling in dual credit courses at Triton or at my high school?

Which high schools are participating in this program?

What steps do I need to complete in order to enroll?

What courses are available for Dual Credit at my High School?

Key Distinctions and Information

Is Triton’s Dual Credit Program the same as AP (Advanced Placement)?

What's the difference between Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment?

Will the credits earned through Triton’s Dual Credit program transfer to another college or university?

So what’s the cost for a Dual Credit student to take a college class?

What kind of college perks and support does a Dual Credit student get?

If I am enrolled in Triton’s Dual Credit Program, when the high school is closed (e.g. spring break) will Triton classes continue?

What if a Dual Credit Program student changes his/her mind about taking classes?

How does a parent of a Dual Credit student find out how his/her child is doing in the dual credit class?

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Dual Credit Instructor and Faculty Information

Getting Started

Interested in teaching Dual Credit at your school?
Any high school teacher who wishes to teach a dual credit course at their school will need to meet the qualifications *and* be approved as an adjunct instructor under the Dual Credit Program.

To obtain approval as a dual credit instructor, one must fill out the online application and submit the following credentials to the Dual Credit office for review by the appropriate academic department:

   • Cover letter indicating the course(s) for which teaching approval is requested.
   • Official transcript(s) from each higher education institution attended
   • Resumé and a Philosophy of Teaching

Once your online application has been received, we will reach out to you to request your official transcripts and any other required information in order for an interview with the academic dean and chair and/or coordinator to be set up.

Please forward all required information to:
Triton College - Office of Dual Credit
Attn: Tim Nystrom, Dual Credit Director
2000 North Fifth Avenue, F-210
River Grove, IL 60171

If you have further questions, please contact Tim Nystrom at 708-456-0300, Ext. 3612

Looking to establish a new Dual Credit course at your high school campus?
New Dual Credit classes are established through an articulation agreement between Triton and the high school via the Dual Credit Course Request Form. The person requesting a new course (typically the high school's department chair or head) needs to inform the Office of Dual Credit of their intention with the request form and then begin discussions with the appropriate Triton chairperson or coordinator in order to ensure the course will align with its Triton counterpart. Once the course has been articulated and the signatures finalized, we will send notice of approval so the course can begin running for its requested start term.

Current Dual Credit Faculty Members FAQ's

How do I log into my Triton Portal and WebAdvisor accounts?
After you were hired on and approved as an adjunct dual credit instructor, you should have been sent your login credentials to access your account in Triton's MyPortal. With those credentials you may follow the login guide to learn more about using your Portal and WebAdvisor accounts.

Can I have emails to my Triton staff email forwarded over to my primary email account?
Of course! This is recommended if you don't like using multiple email accounts and would like to stay up to date on upcoming Triton activities and announcements. 

How do I manage my Triton Dual Credit rosters, attendance, and enter in Midterm or Final grades?
Triton Dual Credit instructors are expected to be able to manage and verify their rosters, submit attendance reports, as well as midterm and final grades just like our regular faculty. For detailed guides on these processes, please review the information for Roster and Grading and Midterm Verification.

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What is Dual Enrollment?

What's the difference between Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment?
Dual Credit courses are college level courses that high school students may take either at Triton or their primary high school in which there is a pre-existing agreement to award both high school and college credit upon successful completion. Dual Enrollment courses are college courses taken on the college campus by high school students while still enrolled in high school and give college credits, but there is no pre-existing agreement to award high school credits.

How do I enroll and register for a Dual Enrollment course?
Getting In

  • Complete the Dual Enrollment Application Dual Enrollment Application *Please remember to select Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment as your Academic Program and Dual Enrollee when asked what type of student best describes you*
  • Ensure you have met the placement or course prerequisites for the dual enrollment courses you wish to take.
    • Take the ACCUPLACER College Placement Exam if needed to fulfill college course placement prerequisites
    • Have qualifying placement measures submitted to the College’s Admissions Department if course prerequisites already met through other placement measures
  • Obtain written permission letter from your high school counselor or principal that states you are in good standing with their school and are approved to take college courses at Triton. Bring this letter to the Welcome Center/Admissions office for registration in the main lobby of the B-Building (The Office of Dual Credit does not register Dual Enrollment students).

Transferable college credit earned from an accredited institution. Signing up for the Dual Enrollment Program has its perks and benefits:

  • Reduction of the number of college classes taken after high school graduation
  • Utilization of college resources and services, including the library, computer and academic labs and tutoring services
  • Participation in college campus activities
  • Courses are offered fall, spring, AND summer; unlike Dual Credit which only offers fall and spring courses

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DesPlaines Valley Regional (DVR) Programs of Study

DesPlaines Valley Region (DVR) Education for Employment Regional Delivery System is a consortium of school districts building the future for elementary, high school, and community college students through partnerships with business, industry and the community. With the help of the DVR program, students now have choices in selecting courses to take in high school.

Program of Study… What is that?
A Program of Study is a custom made plan of action that maps out the relevant courses you must or should take in high school to become career ready.

Find Your DVR Program of Study

How will the Program of Study help me prepare for my future?
By knowing what classes you need to take in high school, you will eliminate taking unnecessary courses and will be able to focus on those that will prepare you for college courses and your goals.

Are Programs of Study available at my high school? Yes. There are many choices for you to consider—it all depends on what you want to do down the road. See FAQs for list of participating high schools.

Sounds interesting… How can I find out more?
Find your DVR Program of Study, then visit your high school counseling department and ask for more information. They would love to help you figure this all out!

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Dual Credit Forms

The following is a list of all documents and forms maintained by Triton’s Dual Credit Program. Most of our forms are PDF files. If what you are looking for is not listed here, please click Contact Us and let us know what you need.

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