During this time while the physical campus is closed, we are still available for virtual appointments. Please click on the button to schedule an appointment. We will then send you an email to determine the best meeting options. We are here to assist you during this unprecedented time.

The Triton College Counseling Department is committed to student success by empowering individuals to identify and achieve personal, academic and career goals. Counselors promote wellness and provide innovative student-centered services to meet the diverse needs of our community.

Triton College counselors are important in your college experience from start to finish. Your counselor can help you become oriented with the college and campus, identify interests and skills to assist in selecting a major and a career choice, deal with personal concerns in a private and confidential setting and help you locate the appropriate resources for assistance.

Each counselor is scheduled to a specific curriculum area, so you have your own specific counselor that you may work with. Scheduling appointments with specific counselors or for specific curriculum can be done online.

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Office Location:

Counselors are available by appointment in B120 and D122
(708)456-0300 Ext. 3588

Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Counseling Workshops, Fairs & Events

No Workshops are scheduled at this time.

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Contacting a Counselor

Department Chairperson and Secretary

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Part-Time Counselors

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Academic Planning

 The Counseling Department is here to keep you on your road to success with Academic Planning. A plan will keep you focused on reaching your goals in a timely manner. A plan guides you to graduation or helps you with expected entrance dates to a selective admissions healthcare program. By having an academic plan, you will know what classes to take every semester.

There are multiple ways to complete your academic plan:  

  • Attend an academic planning workshop led by one of our counselors.
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor at a time convenient for you.
  • Using the step-by-step guide, complete your academic plan. Contact your academic program counselor for review and approval.

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Academic Success

The Triton College Counseling Department is focused on providing support to students struggling academically or students placed on academic warning due to poor performance. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their curriculum counselor as soon as possible to take steps toward achieving academic success.

The Standards of Academic Progress Policy outlines disciplinary actions taken for students completing less than 50 percent of their attempted course load or with a cumulative GPA less than 2.0. The Standards of Academic Progress Policy is available in the current Triton College Catalog.

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Counseling Courses

The Counseling Department at Triton offers various courses that will help you get started at Triton. All classes can be used as elective credit toward your degree and can be transferred to a four-year college.

CSG 150 - Career and Life Planning

If you have an interest in exploring your career options, sign up for Career and Life Planning. CSG 150 is a one-credit hour, seven-week course. Students complete personality assessments to determine career fields and majors that are most suitable for their personality type. It is available online and in a traditional classroom format. This class may be used as an elective to complete your degree program.

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Skill and ability self-assessment
  • Career information resources
  • Career decision-making
  • One-credit hour toward your degree program

CSG 296 - Special Topics in Counseling

Selected topics in the areas of counseling may vary from semester to semester and information will be available during registration. This course may be repeated a maximum of four times when topics are different. This course can be used as an elective toward graduation.

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Counseling Services

Counseling services are free to students. The following are some of the resources and services the Counseling Department provides to students:

Academic Counseling Services
Counselors may assist you in clarifying your goals and developing an educational plan to reach those goals. Counselors can guide you through a process which brings to light important information you need in making informed decisions and understanding all of your options on the path to goal achievement. Counselors can also assist you in creating a program plan for you to complete your goals at Triton and beyond.

As you proceed through college, your counselor is an ongoing connection to keep you moving forward.

Free Workshops & Events
The counseling department offers an array of workshops & events free of cost for Triton students.

Program Planning
The counseling department can provide examples and guidance on creating an Academic Program Plan to help guide you through your time at Triton College. Think of your Program Plan as a map to help you navigate the courses that you need in order to be successful. Program Plans are best completed via appointments with your specific curriculum counselor.

Student Assistance Plan
The Student Assistance Plan (SAP) is a Triton College-sponsored benefit for currently enrolled students. The program is provided in cooperation with the Employee Resource Center (ERC) located in Hillside.

Immediate, private help in dealing with life's problems is available through Triton's Student Assistance Plan. If you would like more information, please contact the SAP directly at (800) 456-6327 or The Username for Triton College Students is: TRI004 and the password is: perspectives. The staff will be happy to assist you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment with a counselor?

What courses do I need to complete my degree?

What "Gen Ed" courses do I need?

How do I register?

Who is my counselor?

What is an Academic Program Plan?

When should I complete an Academic Program Plan?

What is a degree audit?

How do I request a degree audit?

I want to get into the nursing program. What do I need to do?

I want to get into an Allied Health Program (DMS, Nuclear Medicine, Ophthalmic Tech, Radiology Tech, Surgical Technology). What do I need to do?

How can I get verification that I am a full-time student for insurance purposes?

Where can I learn about financial aid?

I have “F” grades on my transcript. Is there anything I can do about this?

I’m ready to graduate, what do I do?

What do I need to do to graduate? Will Triton automatically send my degree or certificate?

Are all students required to see a counselor before registering? Why am I blocked from registering? What do I need to do to get the block off?

Where can I find course descriptions?

Can I get help working out my schedule?

How do I know which math class to take?

How do I know which English (composition) class to take?

How do I know which courses transfer?

How do I withdraw from a class?

What if I want to add a class that has already started, but is not full?

How do I get my courses from another college transferred to Triton College?

How can I get my grades sent to another school?

If I bring in my transcript from another college, can the counselor tell me which courses Triton will accept?

I need an official transcript. How do I get one?

I want to transfer. How do I do that?

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Optional Mental Health Disclosure

The Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Act, 110 ILCS 74/1 et seq. requires that institutions of higher learning maintain a policy that provides all students the opportunity to authorize, in writing, the disclosure of certain private mental health information to a designated person. A designated person is defined by this Act as a parent, guardian, or other person over the age of 18 designated by a student to receive disclosure of certain private mental health information. The choice to designate a contact person is at the student’s discretion.

What information will be disclosed?
Under the Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information Policy, Triton College may disclose a student’s mental health information to the student’s designated person if a physician, clinical psychologist, or qualified examiner who is employed by Triton College makes a determination that the student poses a clear danger to themselves or others. In order to protect students or other person(s) against a clear, imminent risk of serious physical or mental injury, disease or death being inflicted upon themselves or others, Triton College may disclose the student’s mental health information as set forth herein.

The information will be disclosed by the qualified examiner  to the designated person as soon as practical, but in no more than 24 hours after making the mental health determination.

Who is a qualified examiner?
A qualified examiner is defined by 405 ILCS 5/1-122 of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code Act as a clinical social worker, a registered psychiatric nurse, a licensed clinical professional counselor or a licensed marriage and family therapist.

If you wish to designate a contact person, please  complete the Student Optional Disclosure of Mental Health Information Form. You will need to login to the student portal to complete the disclosure form.

This information will be stored confidentially and securely. only Triton College counselors, the dean of student services, and the dean of enrollment services may access these forms.

This form will remain valid until the student revokes authorization by notifying the college in writing that s/he is withdrawing this authorization. Additionally, students wishing to change the name for the designated contact person may do so by submitting a new Optional Disclosure of Mental Health Information Form.

For more information about this act and disclosure, please contact a Triton College counselor at 708-456-0300, ext. 3588.

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The following are some resources on the Web that you may find useful.

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