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Cernan Earth and Space Center sponsors Summer of Space 2019 on WTTW PBS Chicago

To accompany many of the Summer of Space broadcasts on WTTW PBS Chicago, the Cernan Earth and Space Center staff created a special 30 second video to highlight the dramatic planetarium experience offered here on the Triton College campus in River Grove, IL. Be sure to have your speakers turned up, and feel free to share.

Special Thanks to all the creative people who produce amazing content for planetariums!

NOTE: This video may not be viewable with most IE browsers. Please consider using Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers to view this video.

Click HERE to view video in FULL SCREEN.

Music Cosmic Storm by Jonas Erixon

Program clips courtesy of
California Academy of Sciences
Dutch Tilt Studios
E&S Digital Theater
European Southern Observatory
Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium
Sudekum Planetarium at Adventure Science Center

The Cernan Earth and Space Center completed upgrades of the planetarium sound system, computers and software on July 3 and has resumed presenting programs suitable for all ages seven days a week.

You can get the complete schedule of programs, pricing, and more at www.triton.edu/cernanPBS.

This planetarium also presents Cosmic Light (Laser) Shows with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon featured during July 2019. Bright lights, loud music, very little educational value but tied to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2 and the Apollo 50th anniversary.

Find out about the amazing PBS programming HERE.

Hope to see you in our space soon!