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April 4, 2024

Pollinator Art and Photography Contest

Triton College’s Greening the Campus Committee is looking for artists and photographers to participate in the Pollinator Art and Photography Contest to celebrate Earth Day! Get creative and design a picture of pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds, bats, wasps, moths, etc.) in our ecosystem. This contest hopes to raise awareness of the crucial role that pollinators play in nature.

The winner of the contest will win a prize and be featured at the One Earth Film Festival (the Midwest’s premier environmental film festival, located at the Lake Theatre in Oak Park) on Friday, April 19.

The contest is open to artists of all ages and skill levels using original artwork. Art forms can include photography, paintings and drawings. Submissions must be photos or digital scans of the art piece.

All entries must be submitted by April 4. Winners will be announced April 9. Artwork must be emailed with the artist’s first and last name to greeningthecampus1@gmail.com with the subject line “Pollinator Art Contest Entry.”

By submitting your artwork, you are consenting to the art contest release:

I (legal guardian if under 18 years old) warrant that the submission of art and photography is original and is not otherwise encumbered by copyright restrictions. When submitting materials to the Greening the Campus (GCC) Pollinator Art Contest, I (legal guardian if under 18 years old) warrant that GCC has the right to display the art in the One Earth Film Festival. Designation of winners and winning level is entirely subject to GCC choice without debate. GCC has rights to share the art on GCC’s website, marketing, social media and other communication channels. Artist still holds all rights to their artwork. However, aside from awards to winners for final selection display in the 2024 One Earth Film Festival, GCC will be released from payments for use of this work, which will be posted for free on GCC’s website and social media.