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    Office 365 Update  

    We are now running on Office365(Exchange Email). 

    You can get to the Office365 Web Email interface by clicking on the following link.  http://outlook.com/triton.edu 

     At that time, you will no longer be able to send email from your old email account from Outlook, pronto or from Mobile Devices. You will now be able to use the new office365 email platform http://www.outlook.com/triton.edu , or mobile devices until we are able to setup new outlook accounts on each employees desktop. Starting Tuesday, November 26th desktop support will start going desktop to desktop to setup new outlook accounts for staff members, and migrate contacts and calendars for any staff that desire that. 

    To use your new Office365 accounts on mobile devices you can download an OWA app for iPhone/iPad or Android devices. Office 365 accounts can also be added to default mail clients in mobile devices as well. The new accounts will be exchange accounts, and instructions on setting up mobile devices can be found here. Office365 on Mobile Devices

    Training for Office365 is being offered in the PDC, and to register for a session you can go to PDC Office365 Training

    Your username for Office365 is not your old pronto username, it is your full name username that you use to log into your desktop followed by @triton.edu. Your password for Office365 is your password that is used for your desktop and the portal, and if you want to change your password, you can change it in the portal or on your desktop.  You can not change your email password in the email web interface.

    Other enhancements include:
       • Outlook Web application replaces the previous Pronto web mail interface.
       • Employees desktop’s will be updated to office 2010 and have a new version of outlook setup for their new email account
       • Email mailbox size has been greatly increased to 25 GB
       • Calendars associated with email accounts will work on mobile devices without using third party applications
       • Web-based viewing and editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files is now possible
       • Email addresses will match Active directory account information, and an alias will be created to redirect mail sent to old email account usernames

    For questions, you can contact support at office365@triton.edu

    If you need to view the old email platform in Pronto, that account can still be logged into to view mail for a short time.
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