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Seeking a Business Degree at Triton College offers you many choices such as continuing your studies at one of the many colleges and universities in the Chicago area or entering the workforce with a general understanding of business. Men and women with a business degree are highly sought after by many companies for their knowledge of how businesses operate. Unlike other degrees that are available, which focus on one aspect of a business’s operation, those who have degrees in business have the flexibility to make an impact in a number of different fields. Obtaining a business degree can help get you on the fast track to a management position within an organization. When a company is looking to fill a management position, they are looking for someone who can not only focus of the specific tasks of their work group, but who can also take a “big picture” look at the company as a whole and see how the tasks that their work group completes contributes to the overall success of the company. Particularly important to the role of today’s business managers is working in a collaborative and collegial environment. At Triton College we emphasize a team approach in our business courses that can help you succeed in the real business world.

In a highly competitive and global marketplace students must understand the role of business and how today’s managers help solve problems for their companies that leads to a long-term sustainable advantage for businesses both large and small. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment of general and operations managers is expected to remain steady in coming years. The number of job openings in any given field will depend on the overall growth within that industry. The prestige and high pay of business manager jobs often results in strong competition. Those with associate, bachelor and master degree will enjoy the best opportunities. According to BLS data from May 2009, the average potential annual income for general and operations manager with experience and advanced degrees was $110,550. The middle 50% earned between $63,750 and $138,960. Salaries for the lowest 10% were around $45,780.

   • Accounting & Business Administration Degree (Associate in Science - U230A06)
   • Business Management Degree (Associate in Applied Science - C206B)
   • Human Resource Management Degree (Associate in Applied Science - C206J)

   • Business Management Certificate - C306B
   • Business Support Specialist Certificate - C307D
   • Entrepreneurship Certificate - C406D
   • Financial Services Certificate - C306K
   • Human Resource Management Certificate - C306F
   • Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate - C407K
   • Office Assistant Certificate - C407D

   • Accounting Courses
   • Business Courses

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Curriculum/Plan of Study
U230A06, C206B, C306B, C206J, C306F, C406D, C307D, C407K, C407D

Program Affiliations
Accounting/Finance/Human Resource/Entrepreneurial Studies

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Students should contact Dr. William M. Griffin, Business Department Coordinator, at 708-456-0300, Ext. 3579 or email for questions on Triton College Business degrees and certificates.

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