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    The curriculum committee is a standing committee of the Academic Senate specifically responsible for credit review. The committee's responsibilities include:
    Evaluation of credit course offerings and curricula to insure that they meet the College’s vision, mission core values and objectives and conform to state, accrediting, and licensing body mandates.
    Evaluation of proposals for new and revised courses or curricula.
    Planning, developing, and projecting degree and certificate programs on a long-term basis.
    The committee consists of 17 voting members representing the following areas.
    Chair (a member of the Academic Senate)
    10 other full-time faculty representatives from the following areas: 4 from the School of Arts and Sciences, 4 from Career Education representing diverse constituencies, 2 non-teaching faculty (1 Librarian and 1 Counselor)
    1 adjunct faculty member
    3 academic deans (Arts & Sciences, Business & Technology, Health Careers & Public Service Programs)
    Dean of Enrollment Services
    A representative from the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

    The committee also consists of 2 non-voting, resource members representing the following areas:
       • A representative from Curriculum & Assessment
       • Recording Secretary

    The committee meets once per month during the academic year, typically on the first Thursday. Click HERE to view Fall 2016 College Curriculum Committee Calendar.

    Disposition of Items Acted on by the Committee
    A copy of all recommendations of the Curriculum Committee are submitted for review simultaneously to the Academic Senate and to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. The recommendations of the Academic Senate, the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs are submitted to the TCFA as information and to the Board of Trustees for action.

    College Curriculum Committee Resources

       College Curriculum Handbook

    For a current, approved Course Outline, visit our MyTriton page or contact Susan Maratto, Curriculum & Assessment Assistant 708-456-0300 at Ext. 3823 or suzimaratto@triton.edu.

    Download Forms

       Course Proposal

       Curriculum Proposal

       Topical Course Outline

       CCC Master Syllabus Template

    Contact College Curriculum Committee
       • Susan Campos, Committee Chair, susancampos@triton.edu, (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3487
       • Susan Maratto, Curriculum & Assessment Assistant, suzimaratto@triton.edu (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3823

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