What is the Scholars Program?

Triton's Scholars Program is a two-year program for academically talented in-district students who plan to earn an associate of arts or sciences degree and transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities. The program provides an opportunity for talented students to complete their first two years of university level courses while residing at home.

The program offers an extraordinary opportunity for superior students. It's an academically rigorous two-year curriculum program. The Scholars Program has a carefully selected faculty highly motivated to work with specially talented students. Course study is complemented by regular guest lecturers from the academic, cultural and professional communities. Students admitted to the program can anticipate a demanding course of study leading to an associate's degree and excellent opportunities to transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities.

The Scholars Program features:

  • Carefully selected faculty 
  • Small classes devoted to intensive reading, discussion and research skills 
  • An emphasis on language, analytic and critical thinking skills in an intellectually demanding atmosphere 
  • Careful transfer placement counseling with transfer assistance to baccalaureate-granting institutions and scholarship applications 
  • Full academic scholarships for qualified students 
  • Waiver of in-district tuition 
  • Participation in special activities, such as museum visits, guest lectures, Scholars Open House, graduates reception, theater evening and other activities 
  • Special recognition on transcripts and diplomas. 


All qualified students receive full in-district tuition scholarships.

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Dr. Michael Flaherty | Program Director 
(708) 456-0300, Ext. 3250 |