Scholars Program

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The Scholars Program at Triton College is a rigorous two-year program for academically talented in-district students who plan to earn an associate of arts or sciences degree and transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities. "It’s a very challenging and selective program that encourages and rewards ambitious students who strive to succeed," said Scholars Program coordinator Dr. Michael Flaherty. The program requires students to take 16 credit hours a semester (four additional credits than required for full-time students) which includes two in-depth Scholars classes, plus a service learning component is built into the program, giving students the chance to give back to their communities.

Students appreciate the small class sizes and the curriculum that emphasizes language, analytic and critical thinking in an intellectually-demanding environment. Students are rewarded for their hard work with a waiver for in-district tuition, plus many are connected to scholarship and transfer opportunities at four-year institutions to continue their studies.

One thing we’ve accomplished with this program is creating a community of honors students who work well together in meeting their goals,” Dr. Flaherty said. “It’s a positive program for our students.”

For more information about the program, including requirements for the program, contact Dr. Flaherty at or visit the Scholars Program webpage.