First Year Experience (FYE) & New Student Orientation

Welcome to Triton College! You have made a wonderful decision regarding your educational and career pursuits. Whether you have recently graduated from high school or you are returning to school after several years away, Triton has a program for you. At Triton, you will find faculty and staff ready to assist you on the road to success!

Welcome to Triton College!

In order to help new students prepare for the first semester of college, Triton requires everyone to participate in our orientation, Destination Success, prior to enrolling in courses. Destination Success is designed to introduce you to campus personnel; academic policies and procedures; and campus programs and activities designed to enhance your college experience.

Orientation is FREE. There is no cost to you. The program lasts approximately 5 hours.

Prior to attending orientation, students should:

    • Complete an application for admission
    • Complete the following test and assessment
      • ACCUPLACER placement test (Testing Center, A-126)
      • Success Navigator test (Testing Center, A-126)
      • Career Cruising ( Enter the following username and password - Username: triton2000 Password: rivergrove)

Generally, students select the session that they will attend when completing an application for admission. If you plan to transfer credits from another college or university, please bring a copy of your transcript with you.

The Orientation program is as follows:

  • Welcome - 10 minutes
  • Financing your Future (Financial Aid) - 25 minutes
  • I’m in college now what? (Student Life) - 30 minutes
  • Athletics - 10 minutes
  • Counseling - 30 minutes
  • Academic Support Services - 25 minutes
  • Campus Connectivity - 15 minutes
  • Navigating College (Campus Tour) - 30 minutes
  • What you need to know to get started - 25 minutes
  • Financial Literacy - 25 minutes
  • Program Planning - 75 minutes

On-Campus Orientation

No On-Campus sessions scheduled at this time (Please refer to our Online Orientation below)

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Online Orientation

If you are unable to attend an on-campus orientation, please click HERE for online version of new student orientation.

For questions concerning advising and class registration after taking the online orientation, please contact (708) 456-0300 Ext. 3379.

We’ve assembled a number of resources here to help new students get acquainted with student life at Triton.

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Orientation FAQs

What is the purpose of new student orientation?

Where will the orientation be held?

Will I have a chance to meet my counselor?

When can I register for classes?

When is my tuition due?

When should I take the placement test?

How long is orientation?

Can a relative or friend attend along with me?

Is there any fee for attending orientation?

I missed my orientation date, what should I do now?

Can I receive assistance with completing financial aid forms at orientation?

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Student Survival Guide

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The First Year Experience Program (FYE) focuses on the first-year students and their transition to college. This program is designed to provide support and encouragement from the students’ first day of orientation to the final day of the first year at TRITON COLLEGE.

To benefit from the FYE we recommend you to attend our workshops.

Click HERE for a list of upcoming On-Campus Orientation dates.

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First Year Experience (FYE)

The FYE program focuses on two main areas of transition:
   • Academic
   • Social

Academic Transition
Through the FYE Program, first-year students are introduced to the liberal arts and the rigors of academic excellence. The FYE Program helps students establish patterns of decision-making and achieve an academic level that is essential for success in higher education. This will ensure achieving optimal success through a student's experience at Triton College. The major component of the FYE Program supporting first-year students' academic transition are the First-Year Workshops.

The FYE program will help student get acclimated to the social environment of college. Our programs will encourage students to be active in our student activities with the purpose to create a sense of belonging and enhance their leadership skills.

Student Success Workshops
The FYE program provides a series of workshops aimed towards:

  • Math Workshops and Math Final Reviews
  • Academic Planning
  • Time Management
  • Effective Study Strategies
  • Writing Well Workshops
  • How to Prepare for your Finals
  • Financial Literacy
  • Note Taking

Many students entering their first year of college can benefit from these workshops to prepare them for the academic rigor of college, the social adjustments and personal challenges associated with higher education. Completing the First Year Experience program, the student is more likely to persist and graduate.

Upon completion of the FYE program you will receive:

  • FYE notation on your academic transcript 
  • Receive free tuition vouchers for 3 credit hours based on completion of FYE activities
  • Earn valuable experience that will help to develop a strong foundation for academic success
  • Build friendships and connections with peers, instructors and staff

FYE Program Registration Form

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Contact Information

Juan Ovalle
708-456-0300, Ext. 3379

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