February 4, 2019

Students Save $1 million through Triton’s Low Cost/No Cost Textbook initiative

In an effort to better support students in their pursuit of academic success by easing financial burdens, Triton College launched the Low Cost/No Cost Textbook Alternative initiative in 2013.

The program has been incredibly successful in fulfilling its vision of providing students access to high quality, affordable learning materials and supporting faculty members who wish to implement them into their classrooms.

This spring, Triton College has reached the milestone of $1 million in student savings through the Low Cost/No Cost Textbook initiative.

To mark the accomplishment, the Low Cost/No Cost Textbook committee will host a celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 13 from 1-2 p.m., in Triton’s Center for Teaching Excellence (Room E-210E). The event is free to attend and open to the public.

Low Cost/No Cost is spearheaded by faculty librarian Lauren Kosrow and English Department faculty member Joe Klein. They and other committee members work with students and faculty members to determine how to best incorporate alternative materials into classrooms.

The Triton College Library houses a collection of resources including relevant, current articles from databases for faculty to include in course materials, as well as course copies of publisher textbooks for students to access.

“I actually started doing this because I wanted the freedom and flexibility to curate the course materials for the students,” Klein said. “That allows me to create course themes in my composition class and it allows me to use culturally responsive pedagogy and change it each semester based on what I’m seeing.”

“It was just easy to not have to carry something really large to a class every day,” Triton College student Savannah Ellis said. “I felt like everything was just really easily accessible.”

According to College Board, a nonprofit organization, community college students spent more than $1,400 on books and supplies in 2018. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates textbook costs have risen by more than 800 percent in the past 40 years.

For more information on Triton’s Low Cost/No Cost Textbook Initiative, visit Library.Triton.edu.