February 27, 2019

Triton to feature Dirt Rich during One Earth Film Fest – March 9

For the sixth year in a row, Triton College will participate in the One Earth Film Fest. This year, Triton will screen Dirt Rich on Saturday, March 9, 2 p.m., in the Performing Arts Center of the Robert M. Collins Center (R Building) on Triton’s campus, located at 2000 Fifth Ave., River Grove.

The One Earth Film Fest is the Midwest’s premier environmental film festival, screening films at venues throughout the Chicago region March 1-10. 

Dirt Rich highlights the power of healthy soils to draw carbon out of the atmosphere, making it a powerful strategy for addressing climate change. Viewers will see examples of regenerative agriculture, native plant gardening, reforestation and protection of wetlands being used to restore our soils.

Adrian Fisher, sustainability coordinator for Triton College, says, "This film is beautiful and inspiring. It is a must see for anyone interested in learning how gardeners and farmers are helping mitigate climate change. They are doing this through making soil healthier and more fertile, which helps sequester and store carbon.”

After the film, Katherine Moore Powell, Field Museum climate change soil specialist, will speak and will take audience questions. 

The film is free to attend. Visit https://www.oneearthfilmfest.org/ for more information or to reserve tickets.