January 12, 2021

New transfer partnership agreements with Illinois institutions

Triton College has six new transfer partnership programs with Illinois four-year institutions. The agreements allow Triton students to experience a seamless transition of courses and credits. Many of the partnerships allow Triton College students to receive advising from the target university before enrolling. Students complete the required prerequisite coursework at Triton College and they should be able to transfer successfully into the four-year partner institution by major. 

The types of partnerships include guaranteed admission programs, 2+2 and 3+1 transfer agreements. Interested students should visit the Transfer Center and receive guidance about navigating the specific partnership at their desired institution. 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) 
College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences (ACES) Guaranteed Admissions Agreement
Students will be able to start planning their transition to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign early on during their Triton College career and use available resources, such as the UIUC Transfer Handbook, academic advising and the Transfer Center.  

Columbia College Chicago
Guaranteed Admissions Agreement
Columbia now provides scholarship opportunities to Triton College students who participate in the Guaranteed Admissions Program. 

North Central College
Guaranteed Admissions Agreement
North Central College is providing Triton students the opportunity to participate in the Guaranteed Admissions Program. Triton students will be guaranteed a spot into many of their majors and Triton Scholars Program students would automatically qualify to be part of their honors program.  

Lewis University
3+1 A.A. in Criminal Justice at Triton College to B.A. in Criminal Justice Agreement
one-of-a-kind opportunity allows students to complete an associate degree in criminal justice at Triton College plus one more year of electives.   

Greenville University
2+2 Transfer Guides
Greenville University offers 2+2 transfer guides that allow students to complete an associate degree at Triton College and then transfer seamlessly into a bachelor’s degree online program.   

Dominican University
3+1 A.A.S. in Nursing to B.S. in Nursing
A one-of-a-kind opportunity allows students to complete an Associate in Applied Science degree in nursing at Triton College.  

For more information opportunities visit https://www.triton.edu/students/transfer-center/ or email transfer@triton.edu.