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Shared Values Awards

Shared values are workplace qualities that guide how we achieve our college’s Mission and Vision. These values shape our collective institutional identity and were chosen by employees in 2020.

Nominations of employees and teams who exemplify a shared value in their daily work are welcomed by all employees! A committee of faculty and staff will select one individual for each of the five values and one team for the team award.  “Team” can refer to a department, a committee, a division, or an ad hoc team working together to accomplish a particular project.

The Shared Values Awards will be presented at the Employee Recognition each spring. 

Collaboration: Working together and engaging productively and efficiently across an organization.

Diversity: Including different experiences, points of view, and opinions within an organization.

Integrity: Upholding a conviction to strong moral principles, maintaining a standard of honesty.

EquityFostering an environment of equal access for all.

ExcellenceCommitting to doing outstanding and exceptional work.

Deadline: March 17, 2023 for Individual (not Team) Nominations


Questions? Please contact Susan Rohde, Director of Professional Development at extension 3269.