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Strategic Plan 2025-2030

Message from President Mary-Rita Moore

President Mary-Rita Moore

I am proud to present Triton College’s Strategic Plan for 2025-2030. This plan underscores our unwavering commitment to valuing every individual, educating, and serving our community. We have established goals in three pivotal areas: elevating student success, fostering workforce engagement, and enhancing institutional efficiencies.

I look forward to our collective efforts in upholding our commitment to support every student, every time.

Where will Triton College be in 2030?

Triton College will continue to positively impact our students and community members, guiding them on pathways to achieve their educational and career aspirations. Our Strategic Plan serves as the roadmap to realize this mission.

Triton's Strategic Plan is a comprehensive framework designed to guide our efforts over the next five years. This plan builds upon our commitment to equity in higher education and outlines three key goals centered on student success.

These goals establish clear and measurable targets, ensuring that every area of the college remains aligned and dedicated to strategies that elevate student outcomes.

When our students thrive, the workforce is strengthened, and our entire community flourishes.


Valuing the individual, educating, and serving the community.

A community with equitable opportunity for growth and success.

Shared Values

Collaboration · Integrity · Diversity · Excellence · Equity

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Key Focus Area 1: Student Success and Pathways

Method 1

Triton College will enhance student learning and increase academic outcomes.

Bullet 1  Provide guided pathways for students.

Bullet 2  Expand support services for students.

Bullet 4  Develop new curricula and degree programs.

Bullet 3  Enhance teaching methods and faculty development.


Completion rates · Students served · Degree and certificates offered · Professional development

Triton College will align educational offerings with workforce needs

.Bullet 1  Expand vocational and technical training programs

Bullet 2  Partner with local businesses for job placements and work-based learning opportunities.


Career preparation for students · Non-credit offerings shifted to credit division

Key Focus Area 2: Workforce Preparation

Method 2

Key Focus Area 3: Efficient Operations

 Method 3

Triton College will improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

Bullet 1  Boost the efficiency and effectiveness of operations

Bullet 2  Increase alternative resources for technology and infrastructure

Bullet 3  Optimize environmentally sustainable resources

Bullet 4  Improve communication to all stakeholders


Cost-saving measures · Grants to support infrastructure and resources