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1. Upload Your Vaccination Card

Check your Triton email for your personal link from CLEARED4 and follow instructions on the screen. If you need help, email cleared4@triton.edu.

You can also email your vaccination card to cleared4@triton.edu.

Lost your vaccination card? The Illinois Department of Public Health allows Illinois residents to access their vaccination records through the Vax Verify Portal.


2. Upload Test Results Every Week

If you don’t upload your vaccination card, you need to test every week.

1. Free COVID testing is provided on campus. SHIELD saliva-based testing is available in
T-156 during the following days and times:
        Mon, Thurs & Fri: 7-11:30 a.m.
        Tues and Wed: 1-7 p.m.

2. You must create an account and make an appointment at the link below. Please remember that you cannot eat or drink one hour before the test (this includes gum, mints and even water).
     Website: shieldilportal.pointnclick.com
     Agency Code: fe06l7tp

3. Please copy and paste the agency code when creating the account (instead of just typing it in) to avoid any issues with the SHIELD portal site.

4. Upload your weekly test results to Cleared4. Records of weekly testing will be sent to you and the Director of Health Services Laura Hill at laurahill@triton.edu. The director will reach out to others as needed to conduct contact tracing.