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100th Year Time Capsule Collection

Triton College is putting together a time capsule and we need you to participate!  The time capsule will be opened 40 years from now.  What item best captures your Triton College experience? Submissions are now open for Triton's 100th Anniversary time capsule.

Item Criteria: 

  • We want to include as many items as possible, please keep your item compact
  • Keep in mind that the interior dimensions of the time capsule will be 31.3” x 23.4” x 11.6” 
  • No foods, no liquids, no living things
  • No rubber bands, staples, or paper clips

Collection begins April 2024 and will end August 1, 2024.

A team member will contact you about your submission and where to drop-off on Triton's campus.

For more information, please contact our Library
Triton College Library
708-456-0300, X-3406
Email: leahlestina@triton.edu

* = Required Field


By submitting my work, I agree to donate my materials with the 2024 Triton College Time Capsule. I give Triton College permission to organize the materials according to accepted archival principles; to create metadata, finding aids, and full-text search interfaces required for the preservation and discovery of the materials; to make the materials accessible to researchers and the public; and to use the materials in exhibits and displays, both physical and online. Use of the materials may include, but is not limited to, research, education, exhibitions, programs, marketing, reproductions, and promotional purposes. Materials will not be returned to the donor after the opening of the time capsule.