Respecting your confidentiality is one of the Counseling and Wellness Center's highest priorities. To ensure your confidentiality, counseling records are kept in an electronic database stored in a secured, password-protected environment separate from all other academic records. In order for counselors to discuss any information about you with any individual or agency outside of our center, you must give signed consent. However, there are exceptions to confidentiality to be aware of before beginning counseling.

These exceptions are:

  • If you are in danger of hurting yourself or another, your counselor is obligated to protect you or the other person. Please note that Illinois law mandates that the parents of a minor must be notified.
  • If your counselor suspects that a minor or an elderly person is being abused or neglected.
  • If we receive a court order to release a copy of your information.
  • If you have been reported to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), the counselor will disclose to the BIT that the student has received services.
  • If we need to seek legal advice from Triton’s policy and legal affairs advisor.
  • If the parents of a minor (under the age of 18) request information.
  • Social Networking and Confidentiality:
    Triton counseling staff will not accept friend or contact requests on social networking sites from current students with whom they have professional relationships. This policy exists to minimize the potential for online relationships that could compromise client confidentiality and the privacy of both clients and staff.

Mental Health Optional Disclosure

The State of Illinois offers all college students the opportunity to identify any adult individual(s) who would be notified in the event that you experience a mental health emergency that puts you or others in danger of harm. You are not required to designate a contact. Should you choose to designate someone, it can be anyone over the age of 18 (a parent, relative, sibling, family friend, etc.)

If you wish to designate a contact person, please complete the Student Optional Disclosure of Mental Health Information Form (see below). You will need to login to the student portal to complete the disclosure form. This information will be stored confidentially and securely. Only Triton College counselors, the dean of student services, and the dean of enrollment services may access these forms.

Student Optional Disclosure of Mental Health Information Form

This form will remain valid until the student revokes authorization by notifying the college in writing that s/he is withdrawing this authorization. Additionally, students wishing to change the name for the designated contact person may do so by submitting a new Optional Disclosure of Mental Health Information Form.

For more information about this act and disclosure, please contact a Triton College counselor at 708-456-0300, ext. 3588.