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Club Advisor Application

Main Duties:

  1. Attends club meetings and activities only during personal time, not during work hours.
  2. Upholds the rules, ideals, philosophy and objectives of their respective club and Triton College.
  3. Knows, understands and follows the club’s constitution, its bylaws, the Triton College Board of Trustees Policies and Campus Procedures.
  4. Assists in establishing objectives with the executive board members (E-Board) of the club and communicates regularly with the Office of Student Life.
  5. Fosters teamwork within the club and serves as a liaison between the Office of Student Life and the student club.
  6. Assists the students in setting up meaningful programs that are consistent with the club’s objectives and with the mission of the College.
  7. Encourages initiative, responsibility and leadership within the club.
  8. Student members of clubs assign their own tasks and set their own goals each semester. A club advisor may only provide advice.
  9. Club advisors may not speak on behalf of a student club.
  10. Serves an indefinite term at the discretion of the voting members of the club or the Dean of Student Services or their designee.


  1. Club advisors must be full-time faculty or staff of Triton College.
  2. Club co-advisors may be full-time or part-time faculty or staff of Triton College.
  3. Must be familiar with:
    1. The Triton College Board Policy Manual
    2. The Triton College Student Handbook
    3. The CampusNet Handbook

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