Shining Moments Messages

Read Triton College shining moments messages!

Manuel Uribe - I needed Chef's help in staffing for an upcoming event. I could tell he was super-busy on the day that I asked. Yet he still found the time to identify a few students to help me and communicated with me quick enough that I was able to secure their assistance and complete the paperwork. Just from what I saw that day, he was also participating in a video recording and overseeing a class and prepping for lunch in Cafe 64. Great example to being an excellent colleague. - Susan Rohde

Minerva McLaren / Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) - Minerva continually - everyday, goes out of her way to guide co-workers and volunteers to get the best possible results in whatever their task at hand is. - Beth Sanfilippo

Cassandra Hutchinson - I needed Cassandra's involvement to revitalize the Shining Moments process. She was fully on board, met with me and completed revisions in record time. Thank you Cassandra. - Susan Rohde