Alex Martinez

Student Success

Alex Martinez didn’t always envision a bright future for himself. He didn’t know how limitless his opportunities and capabilities were until he attended Triton College.

In high school, Martinez was the shy guy. He wasn’t involved with extra-curricular activities and he had poor grades. He wasn’t confident that he could achieve success.

The first in his family to go to college, at Triton, Martinez found an environment that encouraged and inspired him to apply himself to his education. He got involved with student clubs: He participated in our campus honors fraternity Phi Theta Kappa; Program Board, serving as vice president; L.A.S.O., our Latin American Student Organization, where he served as president; and the Accounting Club, fulfilling his passion of working with numbers. He also participated in Triton’s first class of ‘Triumph’, a new initiative at Triton that provides academic support and encouragement to minority male students.

Over time, Alex’s confidence grew. He actually started to enjoy studying. He graduated in May 2015 from Triton with a 3.94 GPA, and is now attends pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in international business from Roosevelt University. For someone who didn’t envision a bright future, Martinez now sees himself as a CFO at a major company!