Kailee Harper

Kailee Harper

Kailee Harper of Brookfield is the Triton College student trustee for the 2024-2025 school year. As a member of the board, Harper must attend Triton College’s monthly board meetings and be a liaison between the board and the college’s student population.

“I really want to better the students and make them happy,” said Harper. “Their opinions matter.”

Harper decided to attend Triton College after visiting the campus and felt instantly at “home.” She saw herself becoming an active member of the college.

To achieve her goal of becoming a vibrant presence on campus, Harper joined the Triton College Student Association (TCSA) in the fall of 2023 and became acquainted with the members of the club. She started becoming friends with Naidelin Alvarez, the student trustee from the 2022-2024 school years.

“I thought becoming the student trustee sounded interesting, so I decided to run,” she said. “I feel very fortunate to be in this position.”

As a student trustee, Harper attends TCSA meetings to get student opinions and to meet the needs of her fellow learners. Students have already asked Harper to try and make textbooks more affordable for everyone on campus.

“I want our board policies to benefit my peers,” Harper explained.

After Triton, Harper is working towards an associate in science degree and hopes to transfer to University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and study civil engineering. Until then, she’s content serving the Triton community.

“I just want our college to get better and better,” she said.