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Ophthalmic Technician

Do you want a career that combines patient care and technical proficiency? Triton's Ophthalmic Technician Program will teach a broad range of ophthalmic knowledge and skills necessary to work under the direction of an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor/surgeon of the eye. The ophthalmic technician performs ophthalmic diagnostic testing, administers ophthalmic medications, and collects data to aid the ophthalmologist in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.

Ophthalmic technicians work in a variety of places and environments, from doctor's private office to hospital and clinic setting. Others may work for ambulatory care centers and outpatient surgery departments in the operating room assisting with eye surgeries.

Career Opportunities

  • Ophthalmic Medical Technologists

Program Requirements

This is a selective admission program. Acceptance is awarded every fall semester.

Program Prerequisites

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