DVR Program

Dear High School Students,

This page is designed to prepare you for the DVR high school visit (online) event that will take place November 9th to November 18th. Below you will find an agenda for each day as well as the zoom link. I would encourage you to view the video that we have created. This video will highlight the various career programs you can study at Triton College. In addition, we have included the links to each career area so that you can conduct future research on your own. During the zoom sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask our faculty questions about the specific programs you are interested in.

If you have any questions, please contact Carina Santoyo, Director of Admissions, at

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Virtual Sessions Agenda

No events scheduled at this time

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Academic Programs

Triton College offers 110+ degree and program certificates to choose from! Whether you're a new high school graduate, beginning your journey to a Bachelor's degree, returning to learn a new skill, or starting a new career with a certification, there is a Triton path for you.

Triton College confers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of General Studies, and several levels of certificates. Our degrees and certificates are grouped into seven Areas of Study so you can start by selecting an area you're interested in, then work with your advisor to create a program map for the specific degree, certificate, or transfer path that you wish to pursue. We will help you be informed and stay on track! To explore the pathways in more detail, click on the link below.

Areas of Study

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Program Videos

The purpose of the videos will be to provide you with a brief insight into the various careers within each Area of Study. This will include information regarding mean salary and job growth forecast. We encourage you to view each video as it will provide information for that particular Area of Study.


Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Business and Information Technology

Career and Technical

Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Health Sciences

Human and Public Services

Science and Engineering

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