Faculty/Staff Directory

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Name Department Email Ext
Abate, Nannette Adult Education nannetteabate@triton.edu 3798
Abbruscato, Dora Student Services doraabbruscato@triton.edu 3230
Abezetian, Garrick Finance garrickabezetian@triton.edu 3574
Abouelazm, Ayesha Visual Communication/Graphics ayeshaabouelazm@triton.edu
Abraham, Susan Continuing Education susanabraham@triton.edu
Abrantes, Rachelle College Readiness rachelleabrantes@triton.edu
Abtahi, Ali College Readiness aliabtahi@triton.edu
Ackley, Jeanne Continuing Education jeanneackley@triton.edu 3495
Adams, Jacob Visual Performing and Communication Arts jacobadams@triton.edu
Adeofe, Leke Social Science lekeadeofe@triton.edu 3309
Adewale, Martes Automotive martesadewale@triton.edu
Affleck, Roger Math rogeraffleck@triton.edu 3693
Ahmad, Junaid Academic Success Center junaidahmad@triton.edu 3341
Ahmed, Mohammed Cashier Office mohammedahmed@triton.edu 3670
Al-Ali, Ratib Adult Education ratibal-ali@triton.edu
Albaladejo, Carmen Social Science carmenalbaladejo@triton.edu
Alder, Brady Academic Success Center bradyalder@triton.edu 3341
Alexander, David Desktop Computing Solutions davidalexander@triton.edu 3997
Alexandru, Vica Math vicaalexandru@triton.edu
Allare, Robert Social Science robertallare@triton.edu
Allen, Sandy Continuing Education sandyallen@triton.edu
Aller, Keith Criminal Justice keithaller@triton.edu
Aller, Kelly Adult Education kellyaller@triton.edu 3936
Almaraz, Ervin Operations & Maintenance ervinalmaraz@triton.edu
Alsaadi, Alhussein Engineering Technology alhusseinalsaadi@triton.edu
Alvarado, Jose Operations & Maintenance josealvarado3@triton.edu
Alvarez, Gustavo Health Sport and Exercise Science gustavoalvarez@triton.edu
Alvino, Frank CIS/Computer Science frankalvino@triton.edu
Amor, Lesley Adult Education lesleyamor@triton.edu
Anderson, Emily Athletics emilyjoanderson@triton.edu 3791
Anderson, David CIS/Computer Science davidanderson@triton.edu 3349
Anderson, Angelica Finance angelicaanderson@triton.edu 3043
Anderson, Rita Continuing Education ritaanderson@triton.edu
Anderson, Christina Architecture christinaanderson@triton.edu
Anderson, LaWanda Nursing lawandaanderson@triton.edu
Anderson, Michael Dual Credit michaelanderson@triton.edu
Anderson, Diane Library dianeanderson@triton.edu
Andrei, Daniela Chemistry danielaandrei@triton.edu
Andress, Cathy Behavioral Science cathyandress@triton.edu 6502
Ansel, Omana Science omanaansel@triton.edu 6988
Antony, Ansamma College Readiness ansammaantony@triton.edu
Anzaldi, Natalie Diagnostic Medical Sonography natalieanzaldi@triton.edu
Anzona, Christopher Health Sport and Exercise Science christopheranzona@triton.edu
Arellanes, Rosalio Operations & Maintenance rosalioarellanes@triton.edu 3210
Arevalo, Gabriela Operations & Maintenance gabrielaarevalo@triton.edu
Armas, Maxi Social Science maxiarmas@triton.edu 3638
Arnquist, Carol Science carolarnquist@triton.edu 6387
Arshad, Tayyab Academic Success Center tayyabarshad@triton.edu 3609
Artola, Sonia Enrollment Services soniaartola@triton.edu 3728
Arvans, David Continuing Education davidarvans@triton.edu