Faculty/Staff Directory

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Name Department Email Ext
Wagner, Melissa Business melissawagner@triton.edu
Wagner, Laura Human Resources laurawagner@triton.edu 3231
Waites, William Library williamwaites@triton.edu
Walenga, Shelley Admissions & Records shelleywalenga@triton.edu
Waller, Laurel Continuing Education laurelwaller@triton.edu
Walls, LaTanya Finance latanyawalls@triton.edu
Walquist, Stephanie Dual Credit
Walsh, Diane Criminal Justice dianewalsh@triton.edu
Wand, Jennifer Business jenniferwand@triton.edu
Ward, Kevin Emergency Medical Technician kevinward@triton.edu
Ward, Julie Dual Credit julieward@triton.edu
Warnock, Robert Police robertwarnock@triton.edu
Washington, Calvin Business calvinwashington@triton.edu 3990
Wasilenko, Victoria Human Resources victoriawasilenko@triton.edu 3483
Watanabe, Saturnina Nursing saturninawatanabe@triton.edu
Watkins, Brenda Presidents Office brendawatkins@triton.edu 3291
Watson, Evan Architecture evanwatson@triton.edu
Weible, Arturs Continuing Education artursweible@triton.edu
Weiner, Diane Dual Credit dweiner@triton.edu
Weinstock, Austin Police austinweinstock@triton.edu 3206
Weisman, Neal Dual Credit nealweisman@triton.edu
Wenstrup, Gary Continuing Education garywenstrup@triton.edu
Wente, Susan Assessment Services susanwente@triton.edu
Werner, Kurt Arts and Sciences kurtwerner@triton.edu 3665
Werner, Sandra Advising sandrawerner@triton.edu
Wester, Leslie Counseling lesliewester@triton.edu 3257
Whippo, Douglas College Readiness douglaswhippo@triton.edu
White, Richard Biology richardwhite@triton.edu
White, Deon Information Technology deonwhite@triton.edu 3368
White, Ralph Continuing Education ralphwhite@triton.edu
White, Willie Continuing Education williewhite2@triton.edu 3805
Wiar, Robert Behavioral Science robertwiar@triton.edu 6501
Wicklund, Julia Dual Credit juliawicklund@triton.edu
Wickman, Neil Cernan Earth and Space Center neilwickman@triton.edu
Wierer, Kathleen Continuing Education kathleenwierer@triton.edu
Wiley, Charlotte Child Development Center charlottewiley@triton.edu 3668
Wilkens, Susan Continuing Education susanwilkens@triton.edu
Wilkins, Maiya Academic Success Center maiyawilkins@triton.edu
Wilkins, Linda Admissions & Records lindawilkins@triton.edu 3643
Williams, Mary ECE/Education marywilliams2@triton.edu
Willis, Julia Student Services juliawillis@triton.edu 3353
Wilmes, John College Readiness johnwilmes@triton.edu
Wilson, Robert Science robertwilson@triton.edu 3314
Wink, Mary Academic Success Center marywink@triton.edu
Winters, Brendan Continuing Education brendanwinters@triton.edu
Winters, Martin Continuing Education martinwinters@triton.edu
Wisniewski, Carl Visual Performing and Communication Arts carlwisniewski@triton.edu
Wittman, Christin Academic Success Center christinwittman@triton.edu
Wittrock, Andrew Finance andrewwittrock@triton.edu 3838
Woelke, Roberta Adult Education robertawoelke@triton.edu