Faculty/Staff Directory

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Name Department Email Ext
Wimberly, Andre Biology andrewimberly@triton.edu
Wink, Mary Academic Success Center marywink@triton.edu 3176
Winston, Andrew Athletics andrewwinston@triton.edu
Winter, Robert Continuing Education robertwinter2@triton.edu
Winters, Brendan Continuing Education brendanwinters@triton.edu
Winters, Martin Continuing Education martinwinters@triton.edu
Wisniewski, Carl Visual Performing and Communication Arts carlwisniewski@triton.edu
Witkos, Jacek Continuing Education jacekwitkos@triton.edu
Wittman, Christin Academic Success Center christinwittman@triton.edu 3850
Wittrock, Andrew Library andrewwittrock@triton.edu 3464
Woodall, Kiersten Financial Aid kierstenwoodall@triton.edu
Woodburne, Jordan Academic Success Center jordanwoodburne@triton.edu
Woodruff, David Behavioral Science davidwoodruff@triton.edu
Wren, Kevin Continuing Education kevinwren@triton.edu
Wright, Tracy Counseling tracywright@triton.edu 3609
Wright, Renee English Department reneewright@triton.edu 3237
Wrobel, Kevin Continuing Education kevinwrobel@triton.edu
Wuertz, Lorraine Continuing Education
Wysocki, Jerome Chemistry jeromewysocki@triton.edu
Yacovacci, Joseph Adult Education josephyacovacci@triton.edu
Yanez, Guadalupe Financial Aid guadalupeyanez2@triton.edu
Yang, Can Desktop Computing Solutions canyang@triton.edu
Yeates, Samuel Dual Credit samuelyeates@triton.edu
Young, Richard Operations and Maintenance richardyoung@triton.edu 3210
Young, Jessica Dual Credit jessicayoung@triton.edu
Young, Margaret Nursing 3983
Young, Brian Continuing Education brianyoung@triton.edu
Young, Paul Chemistry paulyoung@triton.edu
Yusim, Leonid Science leonidyusim@triton.edu 3551
Zack, Christopher Dual Credit christopherzack@triton.edu
Zage, Russell Business russellzage@triton.edu
Zalkaske, Michael Social Science
Zambuto, Marisa Architecture marisazambuto@triton.edu
Zanio, Robert College Readiness robertzanio@triton.edu 3288
Zavala, Ruth Allied Health ruthzavala@triton.edu
Zdenovec, Jeffrey Dual Credit jeffreyzdenovec@triton.edu
Zefeldt, Susan Finance susanzefeldt@triton.edu 3803
Zeier, Steven Math stevenzeier@triton.edu
Zeiner, Linnea Advising linneazeiner@triton.edu 3636
Zenati, Lynda Arts and Sciences lyndazenati@triton.edu
Zewde, Fekade College Readiness fekadezewde@triton.edu
Zimmerman, Gary Behavioral Science garyzimmerman@triton.edu
Ziolko, Jakub Continuing Education jakubziolko@triton.edu
Ziupsnys, Amanda Continuing Education amandaziupsnys@triton.edu
Zurawska, Izabela Business izabelazurawska2@triton.edu
Zurek, Paul Dual Credit paulzurek@triton.edu
Zydron, Elizabeth Finance elizabethzydron@triton.edu 3626