Faculty/Staff Directory

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Name Department Email Ext
Breckling, Abbey Science abbeybreckling@triton.edu
Breedlove, David Continuing Education davidbreedlove@triton.edu
Breen, Mary Nursing marybreen@triton.edu 3532
Brennan, Patrick Continuing Education patrickbrennan2@triton.edu
Brent, Virginia Dual Credit virginiabrent@triton.edu
Breslin, Timothy Emergency Medical Technician timothybreslin@triton.edu
Breu, Mary Jane Continuing Education
Brewer, Geri Nursing geribrewer@triton.edu 3900
Brimage-Esparza, Constance Arts and Sciences constancebrimage@triton.edu
Brophy, Christina Social Science christinabrophy@triton.edu 3549
Brown, Deon Social Science deonbrown@triton.edu
Brown, Keith Dual Credit
Brown, Darlene Allied Health darlenebrown@triton.edu 3457
Brown, Leo CIS/Computer Science leobrown@triton.edu
Bruno, Victoria Dual Credit victoriabruno@triton.edu
Brunson, Vanessa Nursing vanessabrunson@triton.edu
Bubis, Timothy Emergency Medical Technician timothybubis@triton.edu
Buehner, Tina Nuclear Medicine tinabuehner@triton.edu
Bullock, Adam Science adambullock@triton.edu
Burcham, Brian Dual Credit brianburcham@triton.edu
Burgess, Darvell Athletics darvellburgess@triton.edu
Burgess, Kaitlin Math kaitlinburgess@triton.edu
Burgess, Brian Continuing Education brianburgess@triton.edu
Burks, Zavier Shipping and Receiving zavierburks@triton.edu
Burns, Timothy Music timothyburns@triton.edu
Burns, Brian Athletics brianburns@triton.edu
Butler, Michael Programming Services michaelbutler@triton.edu 3883
Butryn, Katarzyna Dual Credit katarzynabutryn@triton.edu
Buttacavoli, Albert Academic Success Center albertbuttacavoli@triton.edu
Caban, Emilio Social Science emiliocaban@triton.edu
Cain, Benjamin Dual Credit benjamincain@triton.edu
Caira, Frank Automotive frankcaira2@triton.edu
Caira, Peter Automotive
Cairo, John Business johncairo@triton.edu
Cakaj, Edena Academic Success Center edenacakaj@triton.edu
Calabrese, Jeanne Business & Technology jeannecalabrese@triton.edu
Callahan, Patrick Dual Credit patrickcallahan@triton.edu
Camaioni, James Help Desk jamescamaioni@triton.edu 3524
Camp, Justin Criminal Justice
Campbell, Samuel Health Sport and Exercise Science samuelcampbell2@triton.edu
Campbell, Lorraine Admissions & Records lorrainecampbell@triton.edu 3733
Campbell, Kevin Dual Credit kevincampbell2@triton.edu
Campos, Susan Academic Affairs susancampos@triton.edu 3630
Cannon, Lori Nursing loricannon@triton.edu
Cappaert, Derek Dual Credit derekcappaert@triton.edu
Caputlu, Serpil College Readiness serpilcaputlu@triton.edu 3813
Cardenas, Kenneth Emergency Medical Technician kennethcardenas@triton.edu
Carney, Julia Hospitality Industry Administration juliacarney@triton.edu
Caron, Andrew Police andrewcaron@triton.edu 3206
Carrera, Isamar Finance isamarcarrera@triton.edu