Faculty/Staff Directory

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Name Department Email Ext
Cossey, Sue Adult Education suecossey@triton.edu
Coulter, David Horticulture davidcoulter@triton.edu
Courtney, Matthew Science matthewcourtney@triton.edu
Cowin, Raymond Criminal Justice raymondcowin@triton.edu
Cox, Christopha Admissions and Records christophacox@triton.edu 3474
Crenshaw, Michael Arts and Sciences michaelcrenshaw@triton.edu 3517
Criddle, Diana Accounting dianacriddle@triton.edu
Cristoltean, Sonia College Readiness soniacristoltean@triton.edu
Crittenden, Carla Continuing Education carlacrittenden@triton.edu 3285
Crotty, Maureen GED maureencrotty@triton.edu 3693
Cruz, Carlos Operations and Maintenance carloscruz2@triton.edu
Daciolas, Jennifer Science jenniferdaciolas@triton.edu 3315
Daly, Michelle Continuing Education michelledaly@triton.edu
Damsz, Brent Assessment Services brentdamsz@triton.edu 3852
Dandashli, Euphemie Chemistry euphemiedandashli@triton.edu
Daniel, Jenifer English Department jeniferdaniel@triton.edu
Darden, Oscar Continuing Education oscardarden@triton.edu
Dass, Jasmine Arts and Sciences jasminedass@triton.edu
Davis, Cheryl Nursing cheryldavis@triton.edu 3769
Davis, Dale Operations and Maintenance daledavis@triton.edu 3210
Davis, Belinda Admissions and Records belindadavis@triton.edu 3392
Davis, James Music jamesdavis@triton.edu
Davis, Kenneth Automotive kennethdavis@triton.edu 3970
Davis, Nahsis Nursing nahsisdavis@triton.edu
Davis, Ernest Hospitality Industry Administration ernestdavis@triton.edu
Dawson, Cindy Adult Education cindydawson@triton.edu
De la Cruz, Aracely Operations and Maintenance aracelydelacruz@triton.edu
Dean, Tuan College Readiness tuandean@triton.edu 3282
Dean, Erica Nursing ericadean@triton.edu
Debush, Christine Adult Education christinedebush@triton.edu 3829
Decker, Bill Social Science billdecker@triton.edu 3509
DeGuire, Christopher College Readiness christopherdeguire@triton.edu
Del Beccaro, Edward Horticulture edwarddelbeccaro@triton.edu 3550
Delacruz, Victoria Child Development Center victoriadelacruz@triton.edu
Delehanty, Emily Continuing Education emilydelehanty@triton.edu
Delgado, Juan Adult Education juandelgado@triton.edu 3497
Delgado, Anabel Adult Education anabeldelgado@triton.edu 3357
Delgado, Julio Research juliodelgado@triton.edu 3615
Demos, Marina Behavioral Science marinademos@triton.edu 6533
DeMuro Graves , Jess Visual Communication/Graphics jessicademuro@triton.edu
Dent-Robertson, Beverly Athletics beverlydent-robertso@triton.edu
Deoniziak, Peter Engineering Technology peterdeoniziak@triton.edu
Derosier, Andrea Cashier Office andreaderosier@triton.edu
Deutscher, Breanne Athletics breannedeutscher@triton.edu
DeVol, Purva Planning and Accreditation purvadevol@triton.edu 3434
Dezynski, William Social Science williamdezynski@triton.edu
Dhamavasi, Archawee Visual Performing and Communication Arts archaweedhamavasi@triton.edu 3431
Di Giacomo, Amelia Accounts Payable ameliadigiacomo@triton.edu 3754
Dial, Dominique Center for Access and Accommodative Services dominiquedial@triton.edu 3854
Diana, Robert Continuing Education robertdiana@triton.edu