Faculty/Staff Directory

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Name Department Email Ext
Fencl, Terry Visual Performing and Communication Arts terryfencl@triton.edu 3567
Fennerson, Telia Continuing Education teliafennerson@triton.edu
Ferguson, Ashley Academic Success Center ashleyferguson@triton.edu
Fernandez, Juanita Operations & Maintenance juanitafernandez@triton.edu
Ferren, Michael Science michaelferren@triton.edu
Ferrici, Joseph Health Sport and Exercise Science josephferrici2@triton.edu 3826
Ferris, Brenda Admissions & Records brendaferris@triton.edu 3041
Fichter, Zachary Emergency Medical Technician zacharyfichter@triton.edu 6120
Fields, Mary ESL maryfields@triton.edu
Figg, Frances Architecture francesfigg@triton.edu 3129
Figueroa, Elsa Adult Education elsafigueroa@triton.edu 3352
Figueroa, Dayanne Library dayannefigueroa@triton.edu 3838
Finch, La Trice Nursing latricefinch@triton.edu
Fioccola, Sebastiano Operations & Maintenance sebastianofioccola@triton.edu 3241
Fisher, Adrian Sustainability Center adrianfisher@triton.edu 3364
Fisher, James Dual Credit jamesfisher@triton.edu
Fitzgerald, Noreen Dual Credit noreenfitzgerald@triton.edu
Fitzgerald, Ogden Police
Fitzpatrick, Bradley Athletics bradleyfitzpatrick@triton.edu
Flaherty, Michael English Department michaelflaherty@triton.edu 3250
Flanagan, James Continuing Education jamesflanagan@triton.edu
Fletcher, Delisha Human Resources delishafletcher@triton.edu
Flippo, David Music davidflippo@triton.edu
Flores, Cesar Operations & Maintenance cesarflores@triton.edu 3210
Flores, Yolanda Student Life yolandaflores@triton.edu 3383
Flynn, Sean Emergency Medical Technician seanflynn@triton.edu
Folisi, Kenneth Allied Health kenfolisi@triton.edu
Foronda, Kevin Fitness Center kevinforonda@triton.edu
Foti, Silvia Dual Credit silviafoti@triton.edu
Fotzler, Kimberly Dual Credit kimberlyfotzler@triton.edu
Fournier, Rebecca English Department rebeccafournier@triton.edu 3293
Fouts, Matthew English Department matthewfouts@triton.edu
Frausto, Ulises Automotive ulisesfrausto@triton.edu
Frazier, Eric Academic Success Center ericfrazier@triton.edu
Fredrickson, Dominic Operations & Maintenance dominicfredrickson@triton.edu
Frey, Kay Continuing Education kayfrey@triton.edu 3603
Fridlender, Irena Social Science irenafridlender@triton.edu
Fritz, Joyce Nursing joycefritz@triton.edu 3924
Fuchs, Ian Programming Services ianfuchs@triton.edu 3682
Fullmer, Denise Hospitality Industry Administration denisemurray@triton.edu
Funes, Irma Nursing irmafunes@triton.edu
Gaborit, Christian Hospitality Industry Administration christiangaborit@triton.edu
Gabriele, Marie Health Sport and Exercise Science mariegabriele@triton.edu
Gagliardi, Kayla Admissions & Records kaylagagliardi@triton.edu 3559
Gajc, Theresa Accounts Payable theresagajc@triton.edu 3355
Gajda, Joyce Dual Credit joycegajda@triton.edu
Galarza, Christian Academic Success Center christiangalarza@triton.edu
Galivan, Gail Continuing Education gailgalivan@triton.edu
Gallagher, Shawna Math shawnagallagher@triton.edu
Gallagher, Helen Dual Credit helengallagher@triton.edu