Multi-Factor Authentication in Office 365


As an added step to safe guard Triton College data and protect against cyber-attacks, the College will be implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all staff and students in May and June of 2022.

MFA, or multi-factor authentication, is a security measure which helps to protect Microsoft Office 365 as well as additional single sign on platforms. MFA requires you to login using something you know (your Triton College username and password) as well as something you own (i.e. your phone, tablet or a personal computer). This creates a layered protection that helps keep your accounts secure and helps to prevent hackers from gaining access to your and Triton's personal information.

Each application that uses Triton College Single Sign on will also process through MFA, such as Teams, OneDrive, VPN, Collegenet, Watermark, Blackboard, Academic Works, Open Athens.

Adding your Triton College account to an authenticator application on a personal device does not require any special permissions, nor give Triton, Microsoft, or anyone else, any access to, rights on, or management of that phone or other hosting device.

Microsoft Authenticator is the recommended platform to use on a smart phone, however if users have other authenticator apps already, they can be used as well.

If a smart phone is not available, Microsoft Authenticator can be used on a tablet, or the Authy authenticator app can be used on a desktop computer.

  • For information on configuring MFA authentication with Microsoft Authenticator (The recommended application), please reference this guide
  • If you do not have a smart phone, and you want to setup an authentication application on a personal computer, please reference this guide
  • For information on how to set up additional authentication methods once one has already been set up, please reference this guide

Here is a video tutorial to walk you through setting up Multi Factor Authentication using a cell phone or tablet for your authentication device.


Students who need additional assistance may contact the ETRC via the Online Help Form or via phone at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3361 or 3039.

Please click on the icons below for links to ensure you are downloading the correct app. If you do search for the app in the App or Play store, VERIFY YOU HAVE THE CORRECT APP! If you are asked to pay for the app or a subscription, it is not the correct app!

Microsoft Authenticator App (Click Icon below for link to Reference Guide)
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Authy App (Click Icon below for link to Reference Guide)
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For Windows or MacOS
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