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The Triton College Foundation offers a number of scholarships to entering students and those currently attending Triton College. Scholarship awards range from $150 to $1,500 per semester for tuition, books and fees and are available for several areas of study, including automotive, hospitality, music, and nursing/allied health, as well as for students who live in specific geographic areas, are of a certain age, graduate from the ESL program, or are returning to college for a new career.

All of the Foundation's scholarship applications have various due dates. Please click the bullets below to review the scholarship directory or individual scholarships for details, deadlines and Foundation applications.

Scholarship Directory: 2015-2016

Scholarships with a February 1 Deadline:
   • 20th Century Women's Club Scholarship
   • Adreani Foundation Scholarship
   • Biancalana Scholarship
   • Bobbie Tammeling Scholarship
   • Cancer Federation Scholarship
   • Carlos Granados Memorial Scholarship
   • Dr. Annie T. Moore Memorial Scholarship
   • Jack Scanlon ESL Scholarship
   • JoAnne & Marian Mota Memorial Scholarship
   • Joan Lally Musker Memorial Scholarship
   • Kay Langston Scholarship
   • Mary C. Kelley Allied Health Scholarship
   • Saluja and Duggal Scholarship
   • Society of Automotive Tester Technicians Advancement Scholarship
   • Sustainable Agriculture Technology Internship
   • Triton College Mid-Management Union Scholarship

Scholarships with a June 1 Deadline:
   • Automotive Scholarship
   • Alumni Legacy Scholarship
   • Illinois Health Improvement Scholarship
   • Marilyn Casey Health Scholarship
   • William Baar Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships with an August 1 Deadline:
   • Lou Ricchio Memorial Scholarship
   • Sandy Hamill Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships with a September 1 Deadline:
   • 20th Century Women's Club Scholarship
   • Adreani Foundation Scholarship
   • Biancalana Scholarship
   • Carlos Granados Memorial Scholarship
   • Carol Casten Memorial Scholarship
   • Dr. Leslie A. Roberts Memorial Scholarship
   • Eugenia P. Zeitlin Future Teachers Scholarship
   • Jens C. Nielsen Hospitality Scholarship
   • June Sark Heinrich Senior Scholarship
   • Library Scholarship
   • Mary C. Kelley Allied Health Scholarship
   • Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
   • Merlyn C. Pontikes Memorial Scholarship
   • River Grove Chamber of Commerce
   • Triton College Mid-Management Union Scholarship
   • Winkleblack Scholarship

Scholarships with a October 1 Deadline:
  • Chicago Printing Ink Production Club Scholarship  

Other Due Dates:
   • Triton College Faculty Association - Good Student Recognition Scholarship (Applications due April 10)
   • Triton College Faculty Association - John Boyle Memorial Scholarship (Applications due April 10)
   • Alumni Legacy Scholarship (APPLICATIONS FOR FALL DUE BY 6/1/2014, FOR SPRING DUE BY 10/1/2014)