Triton College Annuitants Association

Mary Jeans
Mary Jeans was re-elected TCAA President at the Spring 2022 luncheon.

New TCAA board elected. See TCAA Officers below for list and photo.

NEW! The history of the TCAA is now available to read and also a list of the guest speakers that have appeared over the years at our luncheons. See Communications below.

The TCAA is one of 53 chapters of the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA). They provide the framework for a unified message dedicated to preserving and protecting a strong public pension system, healthcare benefits, and the general well-being of its membership They also advocate on behalf of all faculty and staff of public universities and community colleges - both retired and current employees - their spouses and survivors, who are participants and beneficiaries of the State Universities Retirement System.

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