Demonstration Kitchen and Bistro

Cutting-Edge Facilities

In 2016, Triton College opened the doors to yet another completed renovation project that is designed to enhance Triton students' education. The newly renovated Hospitality Demonstration Kitchen and Bistro is set to prepare students for careers in the hospitality industry, particularly in culinary arts, restaurant management and beverage management.

The renovated space contains state-of-the-art, eco-friendly equipment that reflects current industry standards. This induces a USB-programmable combination oven that can heat and steam at the time, induction burners and a top-notch espresso machine. Newly installed monitors and cameras will support the demonstration component of the classroom. "Modem Kitchens today are about doing more with less," said Former Hospitality Industry Administration Coordinator Ched Pagtakhan. "We want to be able to prepare students for a seamless transition from our kitchen to a professional restaurant's kitchen." With this updated demo kitchen and bistro, Chef Pagtakhan added that Triton College is looking into expanding its Hospitality Industry Administration (HIA\ Program with new courses.