Daniel Mota

Top-Scoring Pharm Tech student plans to apply to pharmacy school

Daniel Mota

Daniel Mota earned a top score in the Triton College School of Continuing Education’s Pharmacy Technician program. Since completing the program in August 2021, he now plans to apply to Pharmacy schools while completing two bachelor’s degree programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Mota, a Riverside resident, took Triton’s Pharmacy Technician course through the Center for Health Professionals. The center, in the School of Continuing Education, is home to 14 career-specific certificate programs in the health care industry.

“Our programs give students in our district the gift of opportunity – the opportunity to get practical training in a field that they may have known nothing about, and the opportunity to establish a viable career for themselves,” said Michael Doligosa, manager, Center for Health Professionals.

Mota has a double major in chemistry and education. He said his chemistry courses combined with a genuine interest in pharmacy and pharmaceutical practices helped him to be successful in the Pharmacy Technician program. Mota said the rigorous program gives students an education that has practical, real-life applications.

“The Pharmacy Technician program has given me more the confidence to continue my education and pursue a career in the field,” Mota said. He has plans to apply to Pharmacy schools for Fall 2023 enrollment.

Mota encourages anyone interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or medicine to make an investment in the Pharmacy Technician Program at Triton College.

“I am so proud that the Continuing Education Center for Health Professionals is able to provide pathways to careers in healthcare,” said Doligosa said. “Our instructors are actively-working industry professionals, who not only have a mastery of the science that they are teaching, but practice what they are preaching on a daily basis.”

Visit the Triton College School of Continuing Education Center for Health Professionals, for more information about additional programs.