Fitness Classes offer a great workout alternative for individuals of all ages. Whether your goal is to kick start your weight loss plan or improve your lifestyle, we have many opportunities for you at Triton. Our fitness classes take place in our new campus fitness center.

Fitness Courses

Ageless Aerobics (FIT C16)

ABS From All Angles Workout (FIT C11)

Barre Workout (FIT C10)

Beginning Tai-Chi (PED C54)

Beginning Yoga (REC C18)

Dancercise with Zumba (PED C46)

Get Fit Bootcamp (FIT C18)

Group Fitness Instructor Group Fitness Instructor (FIT E10)

J.U.M.P. (FIT C14)

Kettlebell Kombine (FIT C17)

Personal Trainer One-On-One (FIT C01)

Pilates Mat (Beginning) (REC C24)

Pilates Reformer (FIT C13)

Rock Drum Fitness (FIT C15)

Tone the Lower Zone (FIT C12)

Total Fitness (PED C37)

Walking for Fitness (PED C56)

Zumba - Gold (REC C98)